Fun and Games

By Fred Lane


Kate has just got a job teaching in the school system, and has invited Amy, her friend, to help her set up her classroom. When they go into the classroom, Amy realizes that this is the same classroom she had for homeroom in the 9th grade. Further, she remembers that it was here that she and her friends taunted a lonely boy, who later committed suicide.




(Kate is in ďclassroomĒ setting up easel, posters, etc, very happy - moves around stage, talking to herself about where to put things, etc. Amy enters carrying large cups, speaks as she enters)
Amy: It looks like the nesting instinct is starting all over again.
Kate: (spins around, answers smartly) Not me, baby!
(Walk toward each other, hug, Amy is trying not to drop the drinks, Kate speaks during the hug)
Kate: Iím so glad you came!
Amy: (steps back and holds out one of the drinks to Kate, looks at her and says smartly) Maybe I should have got Ďcaffeine-freeí coke....
Kate: Nope, itíll just add to the joy!
(Both look around at the classroom)
Kate: (puts Coke on table and holds up a poster) what do you think? Should this go here or here? (moves to the movie screen as if to put it up)
Amy: Personally, I think the kids would rather have a poster of Brittany Spears...
Kate: And thatís exactly why Iím teaching and youíre not! (laugh)
Amy: (leans against table) Kate, will you stop for a minute and talk to me?! (pats table)
Kate: (looks at poster, then at Amy) Well, okay, but just a minute. Iíve got get this all done for tomorrow. (goes to table , picks up coke and leans on table. Both are now facing the audience, looking around the room)
Amy: (thoughtfully) you know, itís been along time since Iíve been back in the ole alma mater.
Kate: Me too. It brings back a lot of memories....Do you remember the night of the Juniore class dance... When we snuck into the janitorís office and called the firedepartment? I thought Mr Thorpe was going to explode when the firemen came running in looking for the fire!!
Amy: So, that was you!
Kate: What? You were right there with fact YOU were the look-out!! Donít act like you were innocent!!! (both laugh)
Amy: (gets up, looks around room) Hey Kate, what room is this? Whatís the number?
Kate: Itís # 205 - why?
Amy: This is my old 9th grade homeroom class! I donít believe it! (looks at Kate, excited) Do you remember Ms. Mitchell? We always called her ďBubblesĒ - remember?!
Kate: Ah,...the teacher with the tattoo on her shoulder?
Amy: Yeah, that was her! She was my homeroom teacher...WOW, what a crazy bunch of kids we were then!...No one was safe in this class! It was like Saturday night Live in here!!
Kate: I had some really crazy people in my 9th grade classes, too...
Amy: Oh, no, no, you couldnít have had a group like this! Every clown in the school was in my homeroom this room. There was this one boy, I canít remember his name, that always got the worse end of the deal...(sits next to Kate) This was awful, but it really was day, several of us put some super glue on his seat. He came in, sat down, and we were all about to bust. When the bell rang, he started to get up, and ripped the whole seat of his pants out. Oh, wow, everybody went crazy, and the kid just ran out of the class...I donít know where he went...Oh, I remember, his name was Kirk, ah, Baker...
Kate: (surprised) what did you say his name was?
Amy: ah, Kirk Baker, I think...
Kate: (gets up and starts working quietly)
Amy: Did you know him?
Kate: (silence)
Amy: (a little concerned, speaks louder) Amy, do you know Kirk Baker? Was he a friend of yours?
Kate: (speaks quickly) No
Amy: (Gets up, goes to Kate) Hey, whatís wrong? Did I say something wrong?
Kate: (stops what sheís doing, slowly puts it down, stares off, not looking at Kate, and speaks slowly) Are you SURE it was Kirk Baker, Amy?
Amy: Yeah, pretty sure; why?
Kate: (turns around to face Amy) Amy, Kirkís dead...committed suicide last year...
Amy: (steps back stunned, then says) Kirk, are you sure?
Kate: Yes, it was in the paper. I got a call from Alicia right after it happened....He seemed to be fine, then one day, they found him in his car at the beach.
Amy: (turns away, shaken) I canít beleive it...Kirkís dead...(pause, still turned away form Kate) Kate, do you think we were too hard on him?
Kate: walks over to Amy, hand on shoulder) What are you talking about? It was just kids having fun and games...nobody took it seriously...
Amy: I donít know, Kate, it looks like someone did.

© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: