The Fan Club

By Joanne Miller


An engaged couple is having an argument over her best friend.  The bride thinks her friend is not doing all that she should.  The groom knows he is taking the bride to a surprise shower given by the friend


Amy & Dan Ė an engaged couple
Beth- Amyís best friend
Extras Ė women having a shower for Amy


(Scene opens with Amy & Dan ďdrivingĒ in a car.  (Two chairs can be used to suggest this)  Dan is driving, Amy is checking off things on a sheet of paper.)

Amy: I think I finally have everything ordered for the wedding, Dan.

Dan: I never knew a wedding would take so much planning.

Amy: It certainly does.  Now letís see, we have the church, the minister, the musicians, the programs, the photographer, the flowers, the dresses, the tuxes.

Dan: Not to mention the limos, reception hall, caterers, D.J., favors, cake, engraved glasses, gifts for our attendantsÖ

Amy: Gifts for each other, wedding rings, honorariums for everyone, bubbles for all the guests to blow at us, napkins, cameras for each table, gifts for our parentsÖ.

Dan: Most important of all Ė the honeymoon tickets.

Amy: I hope we havenít forgotten anything.

Dan: I donít think so.

Amy: If we have Iím sure one of our mothers will think of it soon.  Honestly, Dan, I think theyíre more excited than we are!

Dan: I hope they enjoy every minute of the wedding.   I just donít want either one of them on the honeymoon.

Amy: Me neither.  Actually, Iím not too sure right now that my mother will even be coming to the wedding.

Dan: What are you talking about?

Amy: We got into a big argument this morning.

Dan: You did?  But you and your mother never seem to argue about anything.

Amy: Well, I guess I upset her this morning.

Dan: Uh, oh, what did you do?

Amy: I went to her for a little sympathy.  I told her how disappointed I am in Beth.  You know as well as I do that when Beth got married last year I did everything that I possibly could for her.  Of course, I know I was her maid of honor and my sister is going to be my maid of honor, but still we are best friends, and Iíd have thought sheíd at least have a shower for me.

Dan: Amy, you and I have been over this before.

Amy:   I know, Dan, but itís really bothering me.  I mean if someone is supposed to be your best friend, shouldnít they care enough to do something like that?

Dan: Is that what you said to your mother?

Amy: Yes, something like that.

Dan: What did she say?

Amy: She told me that Beth is a very good friend and I should just be glad to have her.

Dan: Thatís pretty good advice.  Friends like Beth are hard to come by.

Amy: Oh no, Dan, not you too.  Doesnít anybody have any sympathy for me?

Dan: I do, but I just donít want you to think badly of Beth.

Amy: (getting angry) O.K., I wonít think badly of Beth.  Sheíll always be #1 in my book, no matter what!  Maybe you and my mother can form her fan club.

Dan: Beth.

Amy: Oh, donít worry, Dan, Iíll join, too, just donít expect me to pay dues, all right?

Dan: Calm down, Beth.

Amy: What are you doing, Dan.  Why are we here? (Quite upset by now)

Dan: I just thought weíd stop for a few minutes at Beth and Jayís house.

Amy: I donít want to stop here now. (Said through gritted teeth)

Dan: Come on Amy, just for a minute.  (Has to practically drag Amy out of the car)

(Dan knocks on door; Beth opens door.  A surprise shower is under way for Amy.  All of the guests and Beth shout Surprise!  Beth hugs Amy and pulls her in.)

Dan: Iíll be back in a couple of hours, Amy.

Beth: Are you surprised, Amy?

Amy: I think you could say that.  You knew all about this didnít you, Dan?

Dan: I must admit I did, but I wasnít the only one.  The rest of the fan club knew about it too.

Beth: What fan club?

Amy: Iíll have to tell you later, Beth.  Right now I think Iím in shock.

(Lights fade as all the ladies gather around Amy to see her ring.)

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