Double Date

By Joanne Miller


Two sisters scheme how to attract a guy they each like - unfortunately, it's the same one.


Brittany and Amy Ė sisters, high school age


(Scene opens with Amy studying and mom reading.)
Brittany: (comes in with school books, very agitated and upset) Grr, that jessica ďbusybodyĒ pritchard!  She makes me so mad!
Amy: You mean Jessica ďtoo good for anyone elseĒ Pritchard?
Brittany: Yeah, thatís her!  Guess what she did now?
Amy: What?
Mom: Amy, arenít you supposed to be studying?
Amy: oh, mom, I have to hear this!
Brittany: thereís this new guy in my math class.  Heís just my type.
Amy: Do you mean heís breathing?
Brittany: Very funny!  Heís good at soccer, chocolate is his favorite food group, and he loves to dance!
Mom: Sounds like he was made for you.
Brittany: Thatís what I think.
Amy: Why donít you ask him to go with our group to the dance a week from this Saturday?
Brittany: Thatís what I was going to do.  Jenny, Crystal and I were talking about it and Jessica overheard us.
Amy: uh, oh!
Brittany: Yeah.  She went up to him while we were still planning how to ask him, and she invited him to go with her group!
Amy: Of course, he said yes.
Brittany: Sure.  He doesnít know anyone at school yet.  He doesnít know what a creep she is.
Mom: Brittany!  Please donít talk about other people like that.
Brittany: Bbut, mom, she is a creep.  Just ask Amy.
Amy: She is mom.  She does things like that all the time.  Nobody likes her.
Mom: Well, it sounds like she has a group that sheís going to the dance with so some people must like her.
Brittany: Yeah, Eileen, Gwen and Marilyn.  Thatís her group, a bunch of losers!
Mom: Instead of name calling why donít you do something about it?
Brittany: Like what?
Amy:  yeah, like what?
Mom: Itís pretty obvious Iíd say.  What do you think you should do first?
Brittany: I donít know.  Heís already going with them.
Mom: Maybe you should read this book.
Amy: What is it?
Mom: Itís how to win your man in 10 days.
Brittany: Great, itís 12 days until the dance but I donít have time to read it.  Why donít you tell me what to do first?
Mom: Well, the book suggests that you find out all you can about the man you want to win.  You already know that he likes soccer, chocolate and dancing.  Why donít you get up a soccer game tomorrow night and see if he wants to play?
Brittany: Thatís a great idea.
Mom: Then it suggests that you look your very best, and it probably wouldnít hurt to be sure you get on his team.
Amy: Yeah, then you could ask him to go for a hot fudge sundae after the game.
Brittany: You guys are the best, but what about the dance?
Amy: Weíre all going in groups so heíll be able to spend time with us even if he does go with Jessica.
Brittany: Thatís right!  Ok, will you play soccer tomorrow night, Amy?
Amy: Sure!
Brittany: Iím going to call him first and make sure he can play before I call anybody else.
Mom: Good idea.
Amy:  I have another suggestion.
Brittany: Whatís that?
Amy: Thereís a bunch of us going to the show this Saturday.  As a matter of fact Iiím doing the same thing you are.
Brittany: What do you mean?
Amy: I mean thereís a new guy whoís working with me at the ice cream stand and heís just my type.
Brittany: You mean heís breathing?
Amy: Get your own material.  No, heís tall, tanned and gorgeous.  You can ask your guy to go with us if you want to.
Brittany: Good thinking.
Mom: Have you got his phone number?
Brittany: Of course!  I didnít need a book to tell me that.
Amy: Iím going to call my guy and ask him to play tomorrow night, too.  Ok, Brittany?
Brittany: Sure.
(Both girls pull out their cell phones and they both ring at the same time.)
Brittany: Hello.
Amy: Hello.
Brittany: Oh, hi Crystal.
Amy: Hi, Beth.
Brittany: Can I call you right back?  I have to make a very important call right now.
Amy: Listen, Beth, Iíll call you back in a couple of minutes.  I have to call someone else first.
Brittany: Who do I have to call?
Amy: Who?
(Brittany and Amy at the same time:) Who else?  Jason Matthews!
Mom: uh, oh!
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