Don't You See Me?

By Glenn A. Hascall


Two ladies talk about a single young woman named Tasha who is
holding her infant daughter. She tries to act as though she doesn't hear
what they are saying, but their words hurt her deeply. The women remain
blissfully ignorant of their own self-righteousness.


Non-speaking walk-on parts
Note: Comments the audience hears from TASHA are made by another
young woman off-stage (to provide the illusion that the audience is hearing what
TASHA is thinking)


(BEA stands in the foreground as TASHA sits holding her baby on a
bench on the opposite side of the stage.BEA casts a
disapproving glance at TASHA every now and then as CLARA walks on stage.)

CLARA: Hello Bea! It's good to see you. How's John?

BEA: Fine, Clara. (Points over at TASHA) You know John and I have been
married 33 years next month.

(TASHA is visibly uncomfortable)

CLARA: You don't say. That's wonderful...not at all like kids today (Glances
at TASHA). They start having kids before they're full-grown themselves.

TASHA: You think I wanted things to be this way?

BEA: It's a shame. Then again, maybe they only get what they deserve.

TASHA: (Sad) She's probably right.

CLARA: Let's not forget the parents, Bea. They just don't teach kids right
from wrong these days.

TASHA: Don't you think I live every day knowing that what I did was wrong?

BEA: And what kind of life will those little babies have, Clara?

TASHA: (Emotional) She deserves something more.

CLARA: I'm sure glad our generation learned self-control early in life.

TASHA: He told me he loved me. I shouldn't have believed him.

BEA: Best thing to do is just leave them alone.

CLARA: They've got to learn from their mistakes, I always say.

TASHA: (Emotional) How much more do I need to learn?

BEA: You know I'd love to help set these girls back on the straight and

TASHA: I'm right here if you want to help.

CLARA: You've always had a kind heart, Bea.

BEA: I point out where they went wrong and they just get real quiet.
They just won't listen to me, Clara. Can't they see that I'm just trying to

CLARA: What more can you be expected to do? You're only one woman.
(Clara &
Bea walk off stage casting disapproving glances at TASHA)

TASHA: (turns to watch the women leaving the stage) Maybe you
could take the time to ask how my baby is doing. It wasn't her fault that I
messed up. Maybe you might know when she's crying because she's hungry and when she
cries because she doesn't feel good. Maybe you could help me learn to know
the signs of colic. Maybe, just maybe, you could forgive me, put your arm
around me and help me find some hope. Could someone (pause) anyone, please
just talk to me and not AT me? (Emotional) Could someone just love me?
Please! (Holds baby close as she cries)

(BEVERLY enters and walks up to Tasha, sits
beside her, holds her and cries with her)
SONG:  "I Will Stand With You"

(Once the second verse begins BEVERLY motions for someone else to come on
stage, soon the stage is filled with people bringing things that would help
Tasha (eg. a package of diapers, baby blanket, formula etc).

Fade to black

I Will Stand With You
(Debbie Kerner Rettino & Ernie Rettino)

When life can overwhelm you
And the tears well in your eyes
And you wish that you could find
A place to run away and hide
I'll be there to hold my hand out
And to gently lead you home
In the Family of God...You're not alone.

I will stand with you
We will fight the fight
I will stand with you
Through the darkest night
I will stand with you
As God gives us might
Hand in hand, hand in hand
We will stand

Copyright 2002 by Glenn A. Hascall and CMI Publishing (except song lyrics as
noted above)
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