Superman on the Yesterday Show

By Joanne Miller


Superman talks with host about living life without fear.  Script ends with Superman clinging to chair because of fear of a mouse in the room.


Billy Barton Ė Talk show host
Announcer Ė off stage


Announcer: Itís time for the Yesterday Show with your host, Billy Barton.

(Billy Barton comes on stage with a hand held mike.)

Billy: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Today we have a very special guest on our show.  Heís been around for quite a while but heís still as powerful as ever.  Please welcome, Superman!

(Superman enters with chest puffed out.)

Billy: Welcome, Superman.  Weíre very glad to have you with us today.

Superman: Thank you, Billy.  Iím glad to be here.

Billy: Our subject today on The Yesterday Show is NO FEAR LIVING.  We thought you could probably give us some insight on that.

Superman: Iím sure I can.

Billy: First of all, we know that you are the strongest man on earth.

Superman: Yes, thatís right. (Flexes muscles)

Billy: You really have nothing to fear on earth except Kryptonite, isnít that true?

Superman: Yes, thatís true.

Billy: Of course as mortal human beings we have a hard time relating to living with no fear of anything.  Can you tell us how you feel about living on earth?

Superman: Well, Billy.  Itís been home to me for many years now.  As Iím sure you are aware I came here as a baby so I donít really remember my home planet.

Billy: The past is the type of thing we like to hear about on the Yesterday Show.  Tell us what you remember.

Superman: My parents, of course, knew of my nearly unlimited abilities and they made sure I used them in ways that would help other people.

Billy: What was the first thing you did to help someone in trouble, do you remember?

Superman: Of course.  My memory is wonderful, too.

Billy: No need to be modest.

Superman: All right.  I was just a toddler when our neighborís house was nearly hit by a tornado.  I went over there, stood in the path of the tornado, and let it bounce off my chest.  It made quite a headline in the paper Ė my picture was on the front page!  I have a copy of it here.  Would you like to see it?

Billy: Some other time, maybe.  What happened then?  Didnít the people in the town wonder how you had done that?

Superman: Sure.  We had to sneak out of town in the middle of the night, change our names and start over.

Billy: I see.  Was that when your parents bought the farm that you grew up on?

Superman: Yes.  It was quite a long way from any of our neighbors.  I remember, though, when we went into town, my mother had to keep me from picking up cars on the street.  I loved to play with cars.

Billy: Most little boys do, but they usually play with toy cars.

Superman: Yes, well those were a bit too small for me.  If I wasnít very careful with toy cars I would crush them in my hands.  Sometimes I did that with real cars, too.

Billy: It must have been quite a challenge for your parents.

Superman: I guess so, but they were very proud of me.

Billy: Tell us, Superman, where did you get your nickname, Man of Steel?

Superman: That came from Lois.

Billy: You mean Lois Lane.

Superman: Yes, I was always having to rescue her out of one thing or another.  She used to like to feel my muscles and she started calling me the man of steel.

Billy: Can you tell us about a time when you thought you might not win one of the battles you were in?

Superman: Well, now, Billy.  (Stands & struts)  I really donít think there was any time when I thought I wouldnít make it out of a situation.  There were times when my strength faded, and I had to set my mind to go on.  There were times when I wondered how long it would take to win, but (Stands center stage with hands on hips Ė typical superman stance) no, I never thought I would be the loser in the end.  (Superman sits again)

Billy: Thatís very inspiring.  Tell us, Superman, do you think there is any way for us, as ordinary mortal men and women, to live our lives without fear?

Superman: As you know, Billy, Iíve had some fairly intense battles with villains.  Iíve never allowed fear to get in my way, though.  Even if those villains had Kryptonite, Iíd never back away from a fight.  If I have any advice to give in this area it would be to control yourself.  Donít let fear of anything have any place in your life.

Billy: That sounds like good advice, Superman.  Oh, no.  There he goes again.

Superman: There who goes?

Billy: Itís nothing.  We just have a little mouse in the studio.

Superman: (Jumps up on chair obviously afraid) A mouse?  Where? Where is it? (Stays on chair as Billy closes show)

Billy: Thatís all the time we have.  Thank you for tuning in.  Please join us again tomorrow for The Yesterday Show, which we hope youíve enjoyed today.  (Tries to encourage Superman to get down off the chair.  Superman shakes head to indicate no and clings to chair)


Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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