Outta Control

By Christi Hamilton



An envelope holds the key to bringing some control back into this mother's life.




Mail, envelope to open, groceries, table, dressed in business attire



Hey Kids, I am home.

( Calls to side of stage) Can someone help me with the groceries please?

Man what a day.!!!!

( Going through mail) Bill, bill, junk mail...hey this looks important! My scores on my State board exam are here!! Oh man, should I open it? I am so nervous...(hesitating...puts down envelope and starts to unpack groceries, picks up letter again..)

(Calls to side of stage again) Hello? Is anybody home?

Joey must be at football practice and Lisa at work.. I have the house to myself? This is definitely a sign to soak in the spa. (Begins to head off stage) Oh guess not, I still gotta lug the rest of the groceries in myself.

You know this letter holds the rest of my future in it. Since Jim ran off with his secretary and left me with 2 teenagers to raise, I have been going in circles trying to work 2 jobs to pay all the bills, keep up this house, the yard and maintain the car in addition to making it to Joey's football games, helping Lisa with homework and still finding time to go to night school for my Nursing Degree.

Life has just gotten so complicated since Jim left. He used to go to the football games, and handle the yard and the car, and support the family, now that I have to do it all, it is like someone else has control over my life, instead of me. Well the bright side is that if I passed my State Nursing Exam, I will be working a lot less and earning a lot more , therefore able to manage my life better not only financial but personally. If not

Well then, here goes....(opens the envelope, pauses, looks up whispers the words "Thank you" and walks out).



© Christi Hamilton, Clay Community Church, Orange Park, Florida

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