It Just Wasn't Enough

 By Jennie Bell


Why am I still empty after trying to find significance in temporal things?


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There's got to be more to life than this. Life just doesn't have the pizzazz I thought it would. Something's wrong with this picture. I look at everyone around me. They seem to have found the something their looking for. I've tried everything, but it's still not enough.

(Music - Pomp & Circumstance into I Feel Good)

I got an education. (Steps on first rung of the ladder) Five years I spent at that university. Up all hours of the night cramming for tests and writing papers. I thought I'd never get to that big day. But finally, (change music) GRADUATION! All my friends and family came. We even had a big, gigantic party. And then . . . after all that pomp and circumstance. (Music stops) It just wasn't enough.

(Music - Mission Impossible)

So... I went looking for a job. (Moves up the ladder a step & sits) Not just any old job, I was looking for the dream job. And I got it! Corner office. One month paid vacation. Health, dental, & life insurance. 401k & stock options. Health club membership. And monthly board meeting in . . . Hawaii. Yes, I found it. The job of a lifetime. (Music stops) But it wasn't enough.

(Music - Wheel of Fortune)

So...I went on a shopping spree. (Moves up and sits higher.) Not the shopping you ladies do. But I bought some big boy toys. First off, I got myself a golf cart. It had a built in ice chest, a radio/CD player, and leather interior. I could take my buddies out golfing anytime. If we didn't play good, at least we looked good. Then, I went and got myself a ski boat. It glided across that water like you've never seen. It had so much power; it would even pull my buddy Jerry out of the water on skies. You might not think too much about that, but you haven't seen Jerry. Then I got myself a car. Not one of those sport utility vehicles, I got myself a Porsche. Bright red with black racing stripes. Put the petal to the metal and I am faster than the speed of light. I was looking good. (sound of tires squealing) It just wasn't enough.

(Music - sports music into Putting on the Ritz)

Ya know, I need to be connected to the right people. Networking, (moves to sit on top of the ladder) that's where it's at. I got season tickets to the Cowboys, the Rangers, the Stars, and the Mavericks. I invited all my clients out to join me. I even gave some tickets away to that Big brothers organization. I wore the right clothes. Ate at all the great restaurants. I've even had dinner with the governor. I worked my way into the most prominent social circles. I had arrived. (music stops) It still wasn't enough.

So here I am at the top of this ladder of success. I've got all the world at my fingertips. I've got everything a guy could want. I thought by now I'd have something to hold on to . . . Why is it that after all this time of reaching for the top it still isn't enough?

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