The Great Outdoors

by Joanne Miller


A family of 4 goes on a camping trip.  Dadís aim is to bring the family closer together.  He thinks this is happening when in reality each member is doing his or her own thing.


Jeff - son
Kara - daughter


(Scene: a campground.  A small tent could be used if possible.  Otherwise just some camping equipment and outdoor chairs, etc.)

Dad:  (with arm around son) Look at all those stars, son.  Arenít they spectacular?

Jeff: (lifts headset to hear) Did you say something, Dad?

Dad: I said that sky is really something, isnít it?

Jeff: Yeah.  (Paying no attention to Dad.  Fiddles with headset.) Hey, Dad, where are the extra batteries you bought?

Dad: Theyíre in that box over by the grill.

Jeff: Thanks.  These batteries must be no good.  I canít get anything but country music. (Goes to look for batteries.)

Mom: Honey, would you please fire up the generator?  I want to use the microwave.

Dad: You brought the microwave?

Mom: Of course.  How else could I make popcorn?

Dad: Iíll start it in a minute.  First, come here though and look at this sky with me.  Isnít it wonderful? (Arm around Mom)

Mom: Yes, itís beautiful.

Kara: (Comes onstage with towel on head) Dad, I washed my hair, now Iíve gotta use the hair dryer.  Where do I plug it in?

Dad: Just go back down to the showers.  Theyíve got outlets in there.

Kara: Ew!  I donít want to dry my clean hair in there!

Dad: Why not?

Kara: Because there are bugs flying around the lights in there.

Dad: So?

Kara: So one of them might get into my hair!

Dad: What do you want me to do about it?

Kara: Start the generator so I can dry my hair out here.

Mom: Oh no, Kara.  Iím going to make popcorn as soon as Dad starts the generator.

Kara: But Mom!!! (Whines) My hair will be too dry and itíll stick out funny.

Mom: Youíre only going to bed.

Kara: But itíll still look funny in the morning!

Jeff: (Lifts headset to hear) What else is new?

Kara: So? Your hair looks funny all the time.

Mom: O.K., O.K.  Stop the bickering.

Dad: The generator is running.  Youíll have to fight over who gets to use it first.

Mom: Go ahead, Kara.  But make it fast.

Kara: Thanks, Mom.

Dad: I hate to admit it, Jean, but your brother was right.

Mom: Larry?

Dad: Yes.

Mom: What was he right about?

Dad: He said camping is good for the family.  He said it draws them closer to each other and to nature.

Mom: Well, I hope Kara and Jeff donít get too much closer.  Sparks seem to fly when they do.

Dad: I suppose I should think about starting a campfire.

Mom: O.K.  Iíd help you but Iím doing my nails.

Dad: I can do it.  The woodís right here.

Kara: You can make your popcorn now, Mom.

Mom: Thank you, Kara.  I will after I finish my nails.

Kara: Hey, Dad, do you know where the cards are?

Dad: Theyíre in the box with the towels.  Do you want to play a family game?

Kara: Nah.  Tammy showed me a new solitaire game.  I want to try it.

Dad: Maybe tomorrow we could play a family game.

Kara: Maybe.

Dad: Hey, Jeff, could you get some of the old newspapers to wad up for the fire?

(Jeff doesnít answer because heís still trying to find a non-country station  & ďcanít hear DadĒ.  Jeff walks offstage.)

Mom: Iíd get them but Ö

Dad: I know, youíre doing your nails.  Iíll get them.  (Fixes fire and pretends to light it)

Mom: Tomorrow maybe we could find a drug store.

Dad: Why?  What do you need?

Mom: Nail polish remover.

Dad: Why would you want to take it off?  You just put it on.

Mom: Not for my fingers, for my toes.  They need to be redone.

(Dad stands over fire as if warming hands.)

Dad: There.  That should really get going any minute now.  Iíll tell you, family, thereís nothing like being in the great outdoors to bring a family together.

Mom: Yep.

Kara: Uh, huh. (Shuffles cards & blows bubble gum)

Jeff: (Comes onstage carrying a small TV) Mom, are you done using the generator?


Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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