A Great Gift for Dad

 By Fred Lane


  It's the weekend of Father's Day, and 2 sisters are going over the normal Father's Day stories.  This year, things are different because they both are leaving home...one is getting married and the other is going to college.  This year all dad wants is their presence.


Laura, who is getting married in the fall
Charlotte, who is going to college
Penny, who is the much younger daughter


(Setting: Nighttime on the back porch of their parents home, both girls sitting in chairs. Lights set for night

Props: 2 folding chairs, glasses w/ straws, TV Guide)

Lights up with L reading the TV Guide

C: (allows L to look at the paper for a moment) Well, is there anything on tonight?

L: (looks at paper for a moment longer) No,no, there's nothing worth watching on. (puts paper down) It's the 'summer re-run, TV's pure garbage' time again.

(pause as each girl looks around, bored)

C: (pretends to be looking out into the yard) Well, it is kind of nice being out here on the porch for a change.  (L looks at C like she is crazy) It's been a long time since we spent an evening at home...with mom and dad...

L: (looking at C like she is crazy) You know, Char, you've been spending too much time studying, I think.

C: I don't think so!....This is the first weekend night I've been home in....(pauses to think)...3 months! You better get used to it, too!...I'll be leaving in less than 2 months for JMU! I'll bet you'll miss me then!

L: (picks up paper)Miss you! You've got to be kidding! (throws paper at C playfully; both girls throw paper back and forth a couple of times, laughing) By the way (pointing at C) you better get your schedule straight as soon as you get to school so you can be be home for the big weekend (wags her finger at C)

C: (playfully looking surprised) And what big weekend would that be?

L: (jumps up) Don't tell me you've forgotten already!!!!

C: (laughing) Gotcha, didn't I!

L: (sits down smiling) You better not forget!

C: How could I forget my big sister's  wedding! It's all you've talked about for the last 6 months!

L: Well, maybe some guy will have pity on you at JMU and...

C: (interrupting) Okay, okay, you can stop; we're even!

(long pause, adlib this pause)

C: You know, Sunday is Father's Day.

L: Oh, how could I forget! Dad's been out in the garage since dinner trying to get the gas grill to work....I hope he doesn't blow the house up!

C: Yeah, he coulda been a stand in for Tim Allen on Home Improvement!  (playfully, like making an announcement) 'Somebody get a fire extinguisher: dad's lighting the grill!!!'

(both laugh, then pause)

L: Char, I still feel strange not getting him anything for Father's Day. I mean, we've gotten him something every year for as long as I can remember

C: Yeah, I feel the same way.  But you know what he said:....(mimic a man's voice) 'no gifts this year girls; I just want you to be here for the cookout on Sunday.'(puzzled look on face; puts her feet in chair and puts her arms around her legs) What do you think he's up to?

L: I don't know (stands up and walks a couple of steps toward and faces audience) Unless.....

C: (stands and joins L and looks at her) Unless what?

L: (turns and faces C; Sighs) Well, I didn't think much of it, but last night when I came in, I heard dad in the living room.  I went to say hi, and he got up fast and went to the bathroom.  (pause) He was looking at our old photo album ...(pause) ...he was looking at pictures (looks directly at C) of you and me.

C: Really?

L: (looks away) Yeah. pictures of when you and I were little.

C: (turns and slowly goes to her chair but remains standing, pauses, and looks at chair) That's why he doesn't want a gift; he only wants us to be here for the cookout. (pause, and looks at L) Our dear ole dad....he's already missing us!


L: (Brightly) Hey! I've got a great idea! (walks quickly to C)...I know what he'd really like....some help with that grill! (Takes C by the arm and begins to lead her offstage)

C: (surprised) Are you sure?!

L: Sure! We can keep him from blowing up the garage!

Lights out


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: advpastor@gmail.com