by Andy Campbell


Three short sketches illustrating how people are unfaithful to each other in everyday life. NOTE: The script can be performed in its entirety, or each scene can stand alone.  


Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)


GREG Ė a man in his 40ís 
ADAM Ė GREGís son. He is between 9 and 13 years old
LEAH Ė a young woman
DENA Ė LEAHís sister
CHAD Ė a teenager
LUCY Ė CHADís teenage girlfriend

Scene 1

(Setting: GREG is sitting at a desk. He is typing away on his laptop. He looks as if heís in the middle
of a business project whose deadline is right upon him.)

(Enter ADAM from an adjacent room. He is dressed for outside play and carries with him a baseball
glove, and a bat.)

ADAM: Ready dad?

GREG: (without looking up) Huh?

ADAM: Weíre going to practice. Remember?

GREG: (looks up from his work) Practice? Adam, canít you see Iím busy?

ADAM: Dad, you promised! You told me on Monday that weíd go practice tonight. I have a game
tomorrow and . . .

GREG: Tomorrow? You have a game tomorrow? (now he remembers, ashamed) You have a game . . .

ADAM: (slowly) Yeah . . . donít you remember? When you picked me up yesterday mom told you that
you had to get me to my game Sunday.

GREG: Well, Iím going to have to call your mom. Iím sorry son, but I just canít do it.

ADAM: (somewhat angry and hurt) What do you mean you canít do it?! You promised! You said that
this weekend would be our special weekend. All youíve done is sat there at that desk and work since
we got here!

GREG: Son . . .

ADAM: (now really angry) NO DAD! You said that you and I would . . .

GREG: (comes over to ADAM) Listen to me son! I know that I promised you that weíd work on your
fielding, but I have got to get this work done. If this isnít done by Monday . . .

ADAM: Well I wonít be here Monday! Momís picking me up after the game. Then I donít get to see
you for another two weeks. You promised.

GREG: Well, Iím sorry son. What do you want me to say? Sometimes adults canít always do
everything they say they can.

[Fade out]

Scene 2

(Setting: This scene takes place in two locations. LEAH is talking on the phone to her sister DENA.
The distance can be illustrated by having each woman in her own pool of light.)

[Lights up]

LEAH: . . . so Mark told me that he had something "special" planned.

DENA: Yeah, and . . .

LEAH: Well, you know what I had to be thinking.

DENA: Do you really think that this is it? The big question? Time to take a long walk off a short pier,
tie the knot, hook on the old ball and chain?

LEAH: I dunno, but I think it might be!

DENA: Iím so excited for you! So when do I get to meet this Mark? Are you bringing him out with you
next week?

LEAH: About that . . .

DENA: What? You are still coming, right?

LEAH: Well . . . Dena, all this with Mark, and the "special" thing he has planned. I would just hate to
ruin the most "special" night of my life.

DENA: (protesting) But even you said that you werenít sure if this "special" thing is going to be a
proposal. You donít even know when heís going to do it!

LEAH: I know, I know, but what if heís already planned something and then I go and tell him I have
to go away for a week to see my sister, and then I miss my chance?

DENA: Leah, I canít believe what Iím hearing!

LEAH: Oh, come on. Itís not that big a deal! Itís not like we never talk or anything. Iíll just reschedule
and come out later.

DENA: Oh, really? Iím leaving in two weeks for Prague. Remember? The companyís sending me
out there to help them set up an interface in Eastern Europe. Iíll be gone almost six months.

LEAH: Six months? I forgot.

DENA: (hurt) Surprise, surprise.

LEAH: Donít be that way about it.

DENA: Why shouldnít I? This happens every time Leah. We make plans to get together and then
something always "comes up". Iím getting sick and tired of it. Youíre my sister. Sisters arenít
supposed to let each other down like this.

LEAH: Dena, hold on a sec . . .

DENA: Forget it. Iíve better things to do than sit around and wait for the day that you decide to show

(DENA hangs up the phone. Lights out on DENA.)

LEAH: Awww come on Dena! (pause) Dena? (sigh)

(LEAH hangs up her phone)

LEAH: Way to go girl. You really messed that one up.

[Fade out]

Scene 3

(Setting: A high school hallway. We hear the sounds of kids talking after classes, lockers opening and

[Lights up]

(LUCY stands with a book bag looking up and down the hall for someone. She looks at her watch, or at
a clock on the wall. She then resumes peering up and down the hallway.)

(Enter CHAD. He is carrying a book bag. He wears a letter jacket.)

CHAD: (to an unseen group of guys offstage from his entrance) Alright guys! Iíll be there. See ya
tonight! (to LUCY) Hey Luce! Sorry Iím late. (he kisses her on the cheek.)

LUCY: Thatís all right. (looking offstage) Who was that?

CHAD: Just a few of the guys. You wanna go to the Dairy Mart and grab a shake?

LUCY: That sounds good.

(CHAD starts to exit. As he crosses in front of LUCY a folded up piece of paper falls out of his bag.
LUCY picks it up.)

LUCY: Hey, whatís this?

CHAD: (turns to her) Huh? (sees the paper) Oh . . . nuthiní. Give it here, ok?

LUCY: (avoids giving it to him) Why? What is it?

CHAD: I told ya, itís nuthiní.

LUCY: (playfully) Is it a note from the "other" woman? Am I not enough for ya?

CHAD: (now embarrassed and somewhat worried) Cut it out already. Itís not anything. Really.

LUCY: (begins to unfold the paper) Then you wonít mind if I read it.

CHAD: (desperately trying to figure out a way to stop her) Uhhh . . . we better get going if we want to
get back before practice.

LUCY: (reading) "Dear Chad. I had a really good time with you after the game." (looks up at CHAD)
What is this? (looks down at the note again) "Love Jen"? Jennifer Thompson? It that who this is

CHAD: Hey, itís not what it seems . . .

LUCY: Youíd better hope itís not!

CHAD: I can explain. See last week after . . .

LUCY: You told me that you had to go to your grandparentís house after the game. Does Jennifer live
with your grandparents? Huh?

CHAD: Well, no . . .

LUCY: Then tell me, Chad, how could you have been at your grandparentís and with Jennifer at the
same time?

CHAD: Luce, come on! If youíll give me a sec I can explain.

LUCY: Youíd better.

CHAD: Ok. After the game I went out to my car to go to my grandparentís. When I got out to the
parking lot I noticed that Jen . . . I mean, Jennifer . . . was having car trouble. So I went over and
offered to give her a ride home. And she said that was ok. So I gave her a ride home.

LUCY: Thatís all?

CHAD: Well, sorta, yeah.

LUCY: What do you mean "sorta, yeah"?

CHAD: Well . . . she kinda kissed me. To thank me for the ride, you know.

LUCY: No, I donít know! I donít know any girl who would give a guy a kiss for a ride home!

CHAD: (protesting) Lucy . . .

LUCY: (slaps CHAD) Tell "Jen" I said "hello".

(she throws the note to the ground and exits)

(CHAD is left rubbing his cheek. He picks up the note, shoves it in his pocket, and exits opposite
LUCY shaking his head in disbelief).

[Lights out]

© Andy Campbell 2001
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor
any entrance fee charged.
In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the
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