Did You See What She Just Did?

By Glenn A. Hascall


A couple with a child sees a friend of their child (boy or girl) steal a variety of small toys from their child). This scene becomes a mirror for the dad who has a hard time accepting what he sees.


Two children (Not gender specific)
A husband and wife.


Small toys (i.e. marbles, jacks, doll accessories, play money - anything small enough to fit in a pocket).


(Scene: Two children playing in a room. As they talk one child places small toys in their pocket.)

CASSIE: That slide sure was fun at the park.

KELLY: Yeah, 'specially with all those twists and stuff. (Places a toy in pocket which Cassie does not see).

CASSIE: Maybe we can go swimming this afternoon.

KELLY: That'd be great. (Places another toy in pocket as Cassie's parents peak in the room).

JOHN: (Children act as if they don't hear him speak) Did you just see that?

KAYLA: See what?

JOHN: Kelly just stole a toy from Cassie.

KAYLA: Maybe she gave it to her, John.

(Kelly places yet another toy in her pocket)

JOHN: Did you see that? Did you?

KAYLA: Yes - yes I did.

(Cassie and Kelly get up and walk to where the parents are)

CASSIE: Dad and Mom, can we go play outside?

KAYLA: (Unsure what to say or do) Uh, (pause) sure, sure you can.

(Girls leave stage happily)

JOHN: We can't let her get away with that.

KAYLA: We could always call her mother and let her know about it.

JOHN: Or we can go outside right now and tell her she needs to give it back.

KAYLA: Oh, Cassie would love us for that, wouldn't she John?

JOHN: What's wrong with kids these days? Don't they even care about what belongs to other people. (Kayla looks at John's shirt pocket) That little girl just comes right into our home and robs us (pause - wondering what Kayla is looking at) blind. What? Do I have a stain on my shirt or something.

KAYLA: No, but I was curious about something.

JOHN: (Self-conscious) What?

KAYLA: That pen, where did you get it?

JOHN: (Pulls pen out of pocket and looks at it) Uh, this pen, I guess I got it at work. Why?

KAYLA: You mean you didn't buy that pen, John?

JOHN: Oh, come on Kayla, everybody takes the pens. The boss knows we do it.

KAYLA: Um, some people might call that stealing, John.

JOHN: Now wait a minute! (Waves the pen) This isn't the same thing.

KAYLA: (Calm) Really? What about the note pads in the kitchen drawer?

JOHN: They were in my briefcase.

KAYLA: Did you...

JOHN: (Interrupts) No, I didn't buy them. There I said it. Are you happy?

(Awkward silence)

KELLY: (Enters the stage) Uh, Mr. Thomas. I've got to tell you something.

JOHN: Uh, what's that Kelly?

KELLY: I (pause) I took some things from Cassie's room. There wasn't anything real expensive or nothin'. Just some small stuff.

KAYLA: We know, Kelly. We saw you do it.

KELLY: (Embarrassed) I'm real sorry. I have never done anything like that before.

JOHN: Didn't you know it was wrong?

KELLY: I didn't think a few small things would matter.

JOHN: But they do.

KELLY: Yea, I know, that's why I couldn't leave without giving it back and letting you know how sorry I am.

JOHN: Really?

KAYLA: (Hugs the little girl) I'm so proud of you. It feels pretty good to do the right thing, doesn't it?

KELLY: It sure does.

KAYLA: Thank you for telling the truth, Kelly and for bringing the things back that you took. It took a lot of courage to tell us and we forgive you.

KELLY: (Excited) Thank you! (Runs off stage to play).

(Thoughtful silence)

KAYLA: Did you see what she just did?

JOHN: (Remains thoughtful for a while) Now I know what I have to do (pulls pen from pocket as stage fades to black).


Copyright Glenn A.Hascall, all rights reserved. This script may be used free of charge, provided no charge is made for entry. In return, the author would appreciate being notified of any performance. He may be contacted at glenn.hascall<a>gmail.com