The Decision

 By Fred Lane


Two girls, Deana and Amy, are discussing the Monica Lewinski interview by Barbara Walters. Deana is a rules-oriented person, and Amy is a personal rights advocate.




The mall in the food court area.  The girls are seated at a table eating dessert. There are sounds of people in the background.


Deana: I just love this ice cream.  I just love coming to the mall and shopping and getting ice cream.

Amy: Well, you're gonna have to do some more walking after eating all that ice cream!

Deana: Hey! Look who's talking: Miss ÏBanana SplitÓ!......It's my party anyhow!

Amy: Okay, okay, I guess we're even. (pause) Did you have a lot of homework last night?

Deana: Yeah, but I got it done before the interview.

Amy: What interview?

Deana: The Monica lewinski interview. You DO know who she is, right?

Amy: Oh, yeah, that interview.  I forgot about it.  I've heard so much about the whole thing that I just couldn't take one more show about it.

Deana: Oh, really?  I had to see it.  She came off like some wounded victim. I wish I could have been there to tell her what I really thought about her.

Amy: You really think she was wrong?

Deana: Yes I do.  Of course, she was not the only wrong one...I could make a list. But, if she haddone the right thing, she wouldn't have been in this place.

Amy: I think she was wrong, but she was also taken advantage of. Not only by her ÏpartnerÓ, but by all the people who are incharge.(pause) I think she had her rights violated.

Deana: (surprised) You really think that Monica's rights were violated?

Amy: I sure do! I think what happened was her own business, and everyone should stay out of it.


Deana: Now, come on, Amy.  You know that what she did was wrong, and she needs to be convicted, or something.  If we just let people do what ever they want to, and don't try to stop them, the whole country is going to be in a mess.

Amy: I think everything is already in a mess, and forcing people to follow the rules is not going to help things. I think we need to try to help people and try to solve their problems instead of just throwing them in jail or something.

Deana: Well, I bet you wouldn't think that way if you were Chelsea! How do you think she feels about Monica? Don't you think she is wants something done to Monica?

Amy: Probably...But how about if the president were your dad? Would you be so ready to condemn him then? It's real easy to talk about this stuff when it's not personal.


Deana: Yeah, I guess you have a point.  But I still believe that people have to pay for what they do. We can't just let all the criminals out of jail.

Amy: I know, that would be scarry.

Scene 2

(Seated, back-to-back; Deana calls Amy)

Deana (answers phone at ring): Hello?

Amy: Deana? this is Amy

Deana: Oh, hi, Amy! I'm glad you called.  I was afraid I came on too strong today when we talked about the interview.

Amy: No, but I did get a little upset.

Deana: At me?

Amy: No...

Deana: What, then?

Amy: Well, it's kinda hard to explain.  (pause) You know how I feel really strong about a person's rights and you feel really strong about rules?

Deana: Yeah..

Amy: Well, I think we're both kinda right. The problem is, I don't know how to tell what's really right and wrong.  I mean, I know what feels right, but is that really right?

Deana: And you've been thinking about this since the mall?

Amy: Come on, Deana....I'm serious!

Deana: Okay, so what do you think the answer is?

Amy: I don't know.  It just seems that everybody has an opinion and thinks they are right, but how do youknow?

Deana: Well,(pause) I guess you just have to believe in what you think and feel. I mean, people make the rules, right? What's important is that we all agree to do the same thing. That way we can feel safe and stuff.

Amy: But what if we are all wrong? What if we all agreed to do one thing, and it turned out to be the wrong decision? How can we stop this from happening?


Deana: You know, what we need is one thing that is right all the time.  Something or somebody that never makes a mistake.

Amy: Okay...

Deana: ...And if we had this, we could make decisions that we know are good...We could be sure!

Amy: Oh, wow....that would really do it. (pause).  It's a shame we don't have something like this.


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
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