The Date

By Joanne Miller


A mother and young teenage daughter are at home after school. The daughter tells mom about a school dance coming up. The girl has to ask the guy to the dance.  She wants to call a boy she really likes & invite him.  Mom encourages her to do so. When she finally calls she gives him all the information except her name.


Jess - very excitable teenage daughter


(Scene opens with Mom working on paperwork at kitchen table.)

Jess:     (Comes in with books) Hi, Mom.

Mom: Hi, Jess.  How was your day?

Jess: I had a great day!  I got that big Math test back.  Guess what I got on it.

Mom: Um, 87.

Jess: I got a 94!

Mom:  Wow.  Thatís great, honey.  I thought you said you didnít understand it.

Jess: It all just kind of clicked when I was studying for the test.

Mom:  Iím glad to hear that.

Jess: Me, too.  But that wasnít the best part of my day.  I had lunch with Katrina and guess what she told me.

Mom:  What?

Jess: She told me Ryan likes me!

Mom: THE Ryan?

Jess:  Yep, Ryan McClellan.

Mom: How does Katrina know that?

Jess: She heard it from Karen who heard it from Tasha who heard it from Carolyn who is Ryanís cousin.

Mom: So do you think itís reliable information after going through that many people?

Jess: Oh, Mom, I hope so!

Mom: You really like him, donít you?

Jess: Oh, yeah.  Heís a stud muffin!

Mom: Since Iíve never met him Iíll have to take your word for that.

Jess: Two weeks from this coming Saturday the school is having a dance.  Can I go Mom?

Mom: Look on the calendar, and  see if I have anything on it.

Jess: No, thereís nothing on here for that night.

Mom: Then I suppose you can go.  Who are you going to go with - Carolyn and Tasha?

Jess: No.  Itís a semiformal Sadie Hawkins dance.  You have to have a date and the girl has to invite the guy.

Mom: (Teasingly) Gee, who do you think you could ask?

Jess: Oh, Mom, do you think heíll go with me?

Mom: I donít see why not.

Jess: Iíve never invited a boy to a dance before.

Mom: Well, honey, the very worst thing he can say is no, but he just might say yes.

Jess: I guess youíre right.

Mom: Maybe youíd better ask him tomorrow before someone else does.  Iím sure stud muffins are in high demand.

Jess: You mean ask him at school?

Mom: Yes.

Jess: I couldnít do that!

Mom: Why not?

Jess: If he said no Iíd be mortified!

Mom: When are you going to ask him?

Jess:  I was thinking of calling him right now.  What do you think?

Mom: Why not?  Go for it, hon.

Jess: (Jess picks up phone & punches in # ) Hello, is Ryan there please?  Hello, hello Ryan? I was just wondering if youíd like to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me. In case you havenít heard, itís going to be on a Saturday night, two weeks from this   coming Saturday. Itís a semiformal and Iíll get the tickets.  My mom will take us and pick us up.  (Looks expectantly at mom who nods yes)  It wonít cost you anything. Weíd pick you up at your house at 7:00.  What do you think?

Mom: Tell him who you are, dear.

Jess: Oh, this is Jess Caruthers.  You will?  Thatís great!  Iíll see you in school tomorrow  and we can talk about it.  Bye.  Oh, Mom, he said YES!  I canít believe it!  Iím so excited!

Mom: Congratulations, Jess.

Jess: I forgot to tell him who I was!

Mom: Yes, I noticed that.

Jess: I canít believe I forgot to tell him my name.  He probably thinks Iím an airhead!

Mom: Well, he must think pretty highly of you, he did say yes.

Jess: Thatís true.  He did say yes.  Oh, Mom, I hope he has a good time.  What if he doesnít have a good time?  What if he doesnít even like to dance?

Mom: He must like to dance if he wants to go with you.

Jess: Thatís true.  Heís probably a very good dancer.

Mom: Could be.

Jess: What if heís a great dancer?  What if he dances a whole lot better than I do?  What if he thinks Iím a lousy dancer?

Mom: Jess, stop worrying so much.  Youíre a great dancer, and even if he is better, guys  like to be better at things than girls.

Jess: Yeah, I guess youíre right.  Oh, I hope he has a good time.

Mom: Iím sure you both will.

Jess: Can we go to the mall right now, Mom?

Mom: For what?

Jess: Well, I have to get a new dress and shoes and a purse.  And I need a pair of those stockings with decorations on them, and a new slip and some jewelry.  I probably get a new coat, too, just in case it's really cold that night.

Mom: (Mom groans) I hope I can afford this dance!

Lights out.
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