By Bruce Lang


When a group of teenagers start back home from camp, one goes missing. Echoes of the story of Jesus as a young boy, when he is found to be missing from the travel party returning from Jerusalem.


Flight Attendant at ticket counter
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(The stage is set up as an airport lobby, specifically a gate area with a place for anouncements and excepting tickets. There are some chairs set out and some kids are already sitting there when the curtains open. Airport sounds play...)

Flight Attendant: We are ready to begin boarding Flight 8345 non-stop service to Washington Dulles.  We will start boarding with First Class passengers and our Gold medallion frequent flyers.

(Christina/Jessica enter)

Martie:  Camp was awesome.

Marie:  Yeah, it rocked my face off.

Martie:  Did you see that cute guy – the one who won the rope course?

Marie:  Right, I knew you liked him.  I think the rope course is stupid but he was cute.

(They sit on some of the chairs and pretend to chat. Maggie enters and sits quietly

Beth/Emily enter jabbering about the camp and other stuff.)

Attendant: We are ready to begin regular boarding Flight 8345 non-stop service to Washington Dulles.  We will start boarding with rows 25-36.

(As Maggie enters plane by herself  she crosses Lizzie and Beth)

Lizzie:  It's so sad.  (Looking glancingly at Maggie)

Beth:  I know, I mean it's like it could have happen to any one of us.

Lizzie:  How could something bad happen after such a great week.

Beth:  Can you believe how his sister must feel.

Lizzie:  Did you ever talk to her.

Beth:  No, man, I just couldn't imagine it. I mean what could I say?

Lizzie:  Yeah, I heard she was trying to get an earlier flight to go home today.

Beth:  Yeah, but the flights are like totally booked.  How did she get a ticket?

(They stand or sit on some of the chairs and pretend to chat.)

(Tyler/Steven enter and pretend to be interacting with the other people.)

Attendant: We are ready to begin regular boarding Flight 8345 non-stop service to Washington Dulles.  We will continue boarding with rows 21-36.

(Steve and Tyler try to board but flight attendant tell then to remain seated until their rows are called. All the kids look at their tickets hoping they can go. Mass disappointment.)

Lizzie:  Hey, how'd it go on the rope course this year?

Steven: Man, I held that record for 2 years but that Jesse guy beat me by 27 seconds.

Tyler:  Yeah, he almost had me on the dirt bike, but when he hit the hill he got too much air and he was history.

(James enters, looks concerned by checking his watch and looking offstage.)

James:  Have any of you guys seen my brother? He's on this flight but I don't see him.

Beth:  I'll check the ticket counter.

(She goes offstage.)

James:  Man, mom and dad are going to be so mad.  We're suppose to go to Aunt Elizabeth's as soon as we get back. My parents freak when Jesse disappears like this.

Lizzie:  Maybe he forgot something and had to go back.

(Beth comes back on stage.)

Attendant: We're ready to continue boarding flight 8345, non-stop service to Washington Dulles.  Now boarding rows 25-36.

(Some kids and Martie and Marie get up and go towards attendant.)

Martie:  Ooh that's us, let's go.

Marie:  Yeah, hey, I hope we get seats near that Jesse guy.

Martie:  He's sooooo cute.

Marie:  And he's nice too, did you see when that one girl spilled her drink, he gave her his water bottle.

(They go below stage and then in plane seats handing tickets to Attendant.)

Beth:    I just checked the main terminal and he wasn't by the ticket counter

(James looks very disappointed..)

Lizzie:  Well, let's check in!  Gosh I hope this flight is better than the one coming out here.

Beth:  Yeah, the one out here was so late, and boy was it bumpy… I almost got sick.

James:  You're telling me.

Lizzie:  Yeah, didn't Jesse loose his lunch?

James:  Totally, like on my sweatshirt.

Beth:  Oh yeah I remember.  That was totally disgusting

James:  I told him not to eat the airline food.

Lizzie:  We better board.

James:   I gotta wait for my brother, man where is he?

Attendant: All passengers can board the flight at this point!

(The girls start walking away towards Attendant)

Beth:  Can I get the window?

Lizzie:  You got it last time. I want it today.

(They go off stage after handing tickets to Attendant.)

Attendant: This is the final boarding call.  (gives James the evil eye)  (pause, while James  looks franticly around for his non-show brother)….  I'm sorry young man, if you are going to make this flight you need to board now, we are closing the doors….

(James reluctantly goes in.)

James:  Hey! Are you sure you're in the right seat? This is 16B!

Maggie:  Here's my ticket , 16B! That's what it says …...

James:  How's that? That's my brother's seat!?

Maggie: Ohhh! Is your brother Jesse?

James: Yeah….

Maggie: Well, He switched his ticket with me. I wasn't suppose to go home until tomorrow. I signed up for camp late so it was the only flight back

James: So why didn't you just go home tomorrow then?

Maggie: I have a  sort of family emergency, I really gotta get back-- and all the flights later today were booked.

James:  Ohhhh… Aren't you the one whose brother was in the car accident yesterday?

Maggie: Yeah, he was hurt pretty badly. Um, your brother is soooo nice to do this.

James: Yeah, Jesse is always doing junk like that. But boy, is he gonna be busted when he gets home!!!


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