That 70's Skit

By Christin Kuck


Daughter's new fashion find brings a blast from the past! The more things change the more they remain the same.


Ecclesiastes: 1:9



Bottle of Cola
Pet Rock
Shopping bags


(Mom is sitting at table working on bills. Cassie comes in from shopping at the mall)

Cassie: Hi Mom, what's up?

Mom: Hi Cassie. Nothing new. Just paying the bills. Did you and Hillary have a good time at the mall?

Cassie: (Sarcastic) Mom. It was the mall.

Mom: (Just as sarcastic) Oh yes. Silly me.

(Cassie pours herself a glass of coke from the two liter bottle sitting on the table)

Cassie: Hillary and I went to that new music store next to Burdines and I bought a CD. You ever heard of Cher? I think you'd like her stuff, too.

Mom: Cher? (Laughs). I had a Cher record album when I was a kid. In fact, I think its in the closet in the spare room.

Cassie: No way.

Mom: Sure, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

Cassie: What?

Mom: Half Breed.

Cassie- Huh?

Mom: Oh, come on. (Sings) And the Beat Goes On...

Cassie: What are you talking about?

Mom: Never mind. (Goes back to bills) So, does Cher still wear all that weird clothing.

Cassie: Oh, yeah. Hey look at these neat clothes I found at the GAP. Aren't they cool?

Mom: Bell Bottoms and a peasant shirt.

Cassie: And look at these shoes.

Mom: Platforms? Cassie, I wore that stuff in 7th grade.

Cassie: No way!

Mom: Yes way. You know, I didn't always dress like an old fart.

Cassie: Well. You'll never guess what Hillary and I saw last night on T.V. It was a Mel Gibson movie. But, he looked so young. It takes place in the future after this atomic war. And all these guys were fighting over gas.

Mom: Sounds like the seventies.

Cassie: And his family was killed so he was out for revenge. It was awesome.

Mom: Let me guess. Mad Max.

Cassie: How'd you know?

Mom: Oh, I saw all the Mad Max movies. My favorite was Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. That was the one with Tina Turner.

Cassie: Who?

Mom: You know - Ike and Tina. (Pause) Big Wheels Keep on Turning?... Oh come on. You've gotta know What's Love Got to Do With It...

Cassie: (Shruggs) Ooookay. So, you'll never guess who we saw on the way home from the mall. We were driving down 86th Avenue and Brad Parker was standing out in front of his house. So, we had to stop and say "hi".

Mom: Naturally.

Cassie: His mom was having a garage sale, and I saw the neatest thing. I think we could make these and sell them. We'd make millions, Mom! (Pulls pet rock out of bag)

Mom- Oh I haven't seen a pet rock in years. These things are older than dirt!

Cassie: I can't believe this! I feel like I'm reliving your life!

Mom: My friend, Genie, gave me one for my thirteenth birthday.

Cassie: And I was even going to call it a pet rock!

Mom: It just goes to show you. There's nothing new under the sun.

Cassie: (Sighs) Oh. Hey. There's this neat thing going on at church tonight. I really want you to come.

Mom: Oh paleeze, Cassie. You know I can't stand that contemporary stuff.

Cassie: But, Mom, you'll love this.

Mom: That's what you said when you coerced me into going to that Ninevah and the Fishboys concert.

Cassie: But this isn't like that.

Mom: You know I like the regular church service better. The old hymns mean a lot to me. I like tradition.

Cassie: But, Mom:

Mom: I really don't want to go.

Cassie: (Pause) But it's an ice cream social.

Mom: (Pause) Ice cream.... Did you say ice cream?


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