Let's Hear About You ...

By Andre Harden


A guest on a TV chat show can't get a word in edgeways.



(Strident tuba plays. Gabby and Richard sit together in comfy chairs. They are on set of a television show.)

Hi! Welcome to the Gabby Maven Show;
I'm Gabby Maven and thanks so much
for joining us - you are going to be
so glad you did because today's show
is just great. We have with us my
favorite author, self-help guru,
Richard Steel. Richard.

(She applauds and waves for the audience to join in.)


You really are my favorite. I read
your books and I love them. I just
love them.
(to audience)
Don't you all just love his books?
I have every one. A row on my shelf
of Richard Steel books; all ten, all
hardcover. I can't wait for the
softcover. You write a book and I'm
at the store. But, let's hear about
you ... a new book ... you've moved
to the country .. what's life been

Well --

And don't leave anything out. I
couldn't stand it if you left
something out. We want to hear
everything. All of it!


I just have to say, it's so exciting
to talk to you, Richard. I can't
believe you're here. You know I'm
writing a book? Not as good as yours,
but yeah, I'm writing a book too.
You inspired me. Isn't he an
inspiration? I just had to share
that. I knew you'd want to know.
So you're writing and living in the
country? Isn't the country great?
I'd love to live in the country. I
love the quiet. Is it quiet where
you are?


I have a townhouse, but there's a
common wall. Mostly it's quiet, but
when there's a party next door, it's
no secret. They're loud. Really
loud. But that's okay. I just turn
up the stereo and push the speakers
to the walls. I get by. It's not
that bad. My neighbors are great
people. I love them dearly. But
that's the city, I think that's just
something about the city, wouldn't
you say that's a city sort of thing?
But Rick - oh, can I call you Rick? -
I just called you Rick. But I feel
so much like I know you! You know
your books have helped me?
(to audience)
Isn't he great!? Isn't he fabulous!?
(to Richard)
You know my grandparents lived in
the country and I have such fond
memories of there. But let's hear
about you, you must be full of
stories? Tell us are you on a farm?
Do you have animals? Pets?

I'm --

I have a cat named Mushu! I used to
have a dog named Larry, but I had to
put him to sleep. Everybody always
used to say "Why did you name your
dog, Larry?" and I was like "I don't
know. He looks like a Larry." So
that's why I named the cat Mushu,
but you know people still ask, "Why
did you name your cat Mushu" and I
say it's just a name! Don't you
think declawing is cruel?

Ah --

It's cruel. My Mushu has her claws
and she's all right. Cats are cats
and I just love them. But enough
about me. Richard Steel is with us
and it's sooo great to have you here.
Your book, Listening with Your Heart --
(to audience)
Isn't that beautiful? I loved your
book. Can you tell us a bit about

I'd be--

It's sooo good. I read it right
through and you know that's an
accomplishment. And it's not that
I'm disinterested in reading, but
seriously sometimes reading can give
me bit of a headache, especially if
I read in the car. But I didn't
read your book in the car .. I just
snuggled up in my favorite chair;
it's a big old comfy bean bag that I
actually found at my sister's garage
sale. I didn't know she had it until
I'm helping her with the garage sale
and she's like, What do you think of
this chair? And I'm like, It's a
chair? And so I tried it out and
well, I had to borrow their van just
to get the chair to my place and
even so we had trouble squeezing it
through the doorway. But let's hear
about you; you were talking about
your book.


You know you have a very pleasant
(to audience)
Isn't he pleasant? Isn't he? Really
you are. People say the same to me,
but it's not natural. I'm constantly
working - but you're a natural. You
are. I wish I was a natural. I
mean I'm naturally drawn to people
but that's different and that's just
me. I've always been that way, ever
since I was a kid. From this high,
drawn to people. The thing is, I
care. I really, really care. But
let's hear about you, Richard, tell
us about your book.

Yeah, I'd like --

Oh, I'm getting the wave and I can't
believe we're out of time. Richard,
I absolutely adored having you here.
Thank you so much for coming. It
was a pleasure and a treat for us
just to see you. Your book is an
inspiration, thanks for sharing all
about it. I loved it when I read
and I think I love it twice as much
now. I think I'm going to go home,
curl up on my favorite chair with
Mushu and read it again. But enough
about me, I'll see you all tomorrow!

(Strident tuba plays.)


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