Secrets of Successful Selling

 By Chris Wyatt


  How to win at door-to-door selling.


1st Salesman
2nd Salesman


(Scene: A man and woman are sitting reading and knitting. There is a third chair and a coffee table.)

Voice: Ever been approached at home by a salesman? You can tell them a mile off - sorry, kilometre off. So obvious by their car, their clothes and their patter. The situation is so familiar.

FX: Sound of motor car drawing up. Door closes.

Man: (Looking up) Hello? A visitor. Who could that be? (Stands and looks out imaginary window) Wow! Look at that. Who do we know with a car like that?

Woman: (Not looking up) What'e he wearing?

Man: A blue suit. And he's carrying a briefcase.

Woman: Salesman.

Man: Pardon?

Woman: It'll be a bleeding salesman. Tell him to go away.

FX: Door bell.

(Man exits. Voices are heard offstage.)

Man: Er....good afternoon.

Salesman: Mr Feathery?

Man: Er......yes.

Salesman: A colleague of yours recommended I come and see you.

Man: Who was that?

Salesman: And I thought that you are just the person I need to see. May I come in?

Man: ........ just a minute (Man backs on, followed by salesman)

Woman: (Not looking up) Not today, thankyou.

Salesman: (Opens case and takes out paper) I have here an important questionnaire I'd like you to help me with.

Woman: (Firmly) Not today, thank you.

Man: Um...

Salesman: (Reading) Do you think the average daily temperature has been increasing over the past few years?

Man: Pardon?


Salesman: Do you prefer coffee with or without?

Man: Um .......yes.

Woman: (Standing) Goodbye. (Walks up to salesman)

Salesman: Do you have 32 normal teeth in your head?

Man: (To woman) What's he talking about?

Woman: (Turning salesman around) Nice to have met you.

Salesman: Just a minute, I haven't finished. This is important. You don't know what it's about.

Woman: (Pushing him offstage) Yes I do. Goodbye. Not today, thank you.

Salesman: But...but...I...don't you want to have a look at my selection of ......

FX: Door slams.

(Lights go to black)

Voice: So obvious. You want to become a successful salesman? Here's the secret.

(Lights up on same scene. Man and woman sit in chairs.)

FX: Sound of beat-up car arriving. Door shuts.

Man: (Looking up) Hello, a visitor. Who could that be? (Stands up and looks out window) Hmmm. Don't know him. Looks a bit like that farmer down the road. Does he drive a '68 Holden?

Woman: Mr Fennel? Might be. Never met him, though I've heard he's a nice enough chap. Go and let him in dear.

FX: Front door bell rings.

(Man exits. Voices offstage)

Scruggs: Ah, yeah. Gidday. M'name's Bill Scruggs.

Man: How d'you do, Bill. Maurice Feathery.

Scruggs: Yeah. Look, Maurice, I'm in a spot of bother. Mind if I come in?

Man: Not at all. Come in.

Scruggs: Ah, yeah, thanks.

(Man and Scruggs enter. Scruggs is dressed in black singlet, old shorts, gumboots, battered hat. He carries an old overnight bag. Woman stands as they enter.)

Scruggs: Gidday.

Man: This is my wife, Gladys. Glad, this is Bill .... er...

Scruggs: Scruggs.

Woman: How do you do. Please sit down.

Scruggs: Yeah - great - thanks. Look - I need help pretty urgent.

Man: Yes, so you were saying. Anything we can do to help?

Scruggs: (Looks awkward) Well, actually......I.....I need to borrow a set of inciclpledias (he stumbles over the word) real urgent.

Man: (hesitantly) A set of encyclopedias? (looks quizzically at woman)

Scruggs: Yeah, that's right........ incicl.....ciclo...them things. You got some, then?

Woman: (looks at man) Well I'm afraid that's one thing.....

Scruggs: Aw, crumbs. That's too bad. What am I going to do now? I was really counting on...

Woman: Oh, I do feel bad about this.

Scruggs: (Near to tears) You don't how much I need to borrow...

Man: (quickly) Look, I could nip down to, that's no good. It's Sunday. Shops are closed.

Woman: Yes, we would willingly have bought a set so that we could loan it to you. What a pity the bookshops aren't open.

Scruggs: Would you really have bought one?

Man: Why, yes ... of course. But I'm afraid it's quite impossible to...

Scruggs: (throws his bag on the table and opens it) Well, it just so happens that I've got a brand new set here. A set of 10 volumes. All the information an average household could ever want. And only $20 depost, $5 weekly for 12 months.

Man: Is that so? Isn't that a stroke of luck dear?

Woman: Yes, very fortunate. Look, we could pay the deposit right now ... I've got that much on me ... and you could borrow the set for a couple of days.

Scruggs: (Humbly) Well...I really...I don' don't need to go to any trouble know ... gee, I...

Man: Not at all. Don't be embarrassed. Look, here's the 20 bucks.

Scruggs: (Produces sheet of paper) Ta! Just sign here, please. (Man does so. Scruggs stands) Well, you've been very kind to me. Really grateful.

Man: Not at all. No trouble really.

(Scruggs turns to go)

Woman: Don't forget your bag.

Scruggs: Eh? Oh...I think I can leave them here.

Woman: But don't you need them?

Scruggs: Grief no! I've got another 20 sets in the car.


© Chris Wyatt, All rights reserved
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