A Mother's Day Monologue

By Glenn A. Hascall


A monologue that shares the joys and heartaches of motherhood. Adoption, miscarriage and stillbirth are all touched upon in this dramatic, yet affirming script.




WOMAN: Do you remember the moment you held your first child in your arms? I do, such perfect delicate features and eyes that really wanted to focus and a smile that was probably something else.
I had dreamed of children and my husband and I had long desired a house full, but miscarriage and still birth plagued every attempt.
There were nights I would dream of the faces of children that never lived as they mouthed the words "Mama" - and I awoke in tears wondering what's wrong with me that I can't bear children.
We prayed, we visited doctors, we tried homespun approaches to bearing children...and then came Cameron. A perfect little child - great disposition. Slept through the night almost from the first night we brought him home.
We've watched him grow, and so many have noticed features they see in both our son and in us. We smile in a pride that is shared by parents the world over.
My husband does everything with Cameron. He is such a good daddy. Cameron rides high on his shoulders and giggles as David throws him in the air and catches him. I remember the first time David did that, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Our son completely trusts his daddy - I just try not to watch.
Cameron has become such a part of our lives. You know, I often stop at the door of his room and just listen to the even breathing of sound sleep. I remember watching to see his chest rise and fall - just to be sure. Who am I kidding, I did the same thing just last night.
But Cameron is on loan to us, you know? We are his parents, but he's not really ours. God has loaned Cameron to us for awhile and we are taking advantage of every moment we can with that little boy.
The incredible pain of losing a child still disturbs me from time to time, but then again I have seen the story from the other side. You see, Cameron did not grow in my womb, he grew in my heart. I did not give him birth, but I am his mommy.
I still remember the anguish in Lisa's face as she handed little Cameron to us. She had considered abortion, but somehow miraculously decided to give her baby life - and now David and I are giving him a home.
Maybe you have a child that has been driving you nuts - do me a favor - go home today and hug 'em for while - even if they squirm to get away. They need it - you need it.
I sometimes wonder what Lisa is doing on Mother's Day. Is she married? Does she have another child? Is she crying as she wraps her arms around thin air remembering her son?
If I had the chance to talk to Lisa again, there is so much I would say.
Thank you for bearing my son.
Thank you for giving him life.
Thank you for caring enough for Cameron to share him with us.
Happy Mother's Day, Lisa.
Copyright 2004 by Glenn A. Hascall.
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