Happy New Year

By Noel Moore


A simple dialogue discussing New Year Resolutions.


Ephesians 4 verse 31


Two siblings


M: Hi Adam.

A: Hi Matthew, and a happy new year.

M: So it is. And a happy new year to you.

A: Have you made any resolutions?

M: Do you mean, have I barricaded myself in my bedroom again ?

A: No ! That's a revolution - a violent attempt to change the political system.

M: And what were you talking about ?

A: A resolution. If I promised myself that I was going to do something, I'd be making a resolution. Like giving up smoking!

M: You don't smoke, Adam, do you?

A: Of course not!

M: Why do you want to give it up then ?

A: I was just giving an example of the kind of things people do when they make new year's resolutions.

M: Oh. I see now.

A: Well, are you going to make any?

M: I can't think of anything. Have you any ideas?

A: What about not arguing with your big brother?

M: I do not!

A: Oh yes you do.

M: No I don't !

A: I can see you don't want to do that one.

M: The trouble with making promises to yourself is that you end up breaking them about 3 days later.

A: Yeah. Like mum's diets! How many has she been on now ?

M: Don't know. I can't count that many. Maybe we're better not making any resolutions.

A: I think that a lot of people try and keep promises on their own, and don't ask for God's help.

M: So what should we do then?

A: I know. Why don't we choose a verse from the bible and try and keep it.

M: Good idea. I know where there is a really good verse. Ephesians chapter 4 verse 31.

[ Read verse together from Matthew's bible ]

A & M: "Quarrelling, harsh words and dislike of others should have no place in your lives." Ephesians 4 verse 31.

A: Right. that's our resolution. We'll have to remember to ask God's help to keep it.

M: We'll need it.!

A: Happy new year.

M: And a happy new year to you, Adam.


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