Courage Beyond Measure

By Mike Humphrey


A readers theatre meditation on the courage of those who lost their lives helping when the World Trade Centre collapsed.


2 Readers


One: Stand Up
Two: Move Forward
One: Change the Dark of Night
Two: To the Light of Day
One: Never Falter
Two: Never Give Ground
One: Forge Ahead
Two: With Courage
One: Beyond Measure.
Two: The Story is one that should have never had to been told
One: But it is a story that shows
Two: Courage Beyond Measure.
One: Let’s Talk Numbers
Two: 110
One: 5000
Two: 600
One: ONE!
Two: 110. The number of stories in the WTC.
One: 5000. Approximate number of lives lost
Two: 600. Number of Policemen and Firemen that died
One: One. They only had 1 mission. Save as many people as they could
Two: As was said, While people ran out.
One: They ran in
Two: Doing their job
One: Would anyone have blamed them
Two: If they had stayed back?
One: I doubt it, but
Two: They knew the job
One: and they accepted it.
Two: Even unto death
One: It only took just a few hours
Two: To change lives forever
One: Not even Pearl Harbor
Two: Can hold a candle to this
One: Live Lost
Two: For What?
One: The Loss
Two: The Devastation
One: We have been violated
Two: as Never before
One: But it is our RESILIENCE
Two: Our “CAN DO” Attitude
One: that has helped us
Two: Move Forward
One: Slowly
Two: Yet Steadfastly.
One: We move.
Two: So many lives changed
One: Directly and Indirectly
Two: We find our Center
One: WE refuse to live life
Two: In a Bubble
One: But now the Bubble
Two: Our Security
One: Is Gone
Two:  We must pick up the pieces
One: And press on
Two: Press on toward a higher goal
One: Fire
Two: Smoke
One: Shattered Glass
Two: Melting Metal
One: Pulverized Concrete
Two: Blood
One: Screaming
Two: Lost Innocence
One: Striving
Two: Moving Onward
One: Healing
Two: Battling the Enemy
One: Build a Strong Resolve
Two: Unfortunately
One: Not all are focused on this
Two: Agendas are being used
One: under the guise of “Healing”.
Two: We must be vigilant
One: Our guard can never come down
Two: Or 9/11
One: Will happen again.
Two: We Must
One: Continue the fight
Two: For with God on our side
One: Victory is assured
Two: Let us not stray from our Goal
One: Let us work toward our goal
Two: And make it known
One: The guilty will suffer
Two: And the righteous shall be Victorious.
One: Let us pray: Oh Father. Guide your children in this time of stress. Help us to become closer with you. Help us make our lives acceptable unto you. Heal our wounded souls. Make us worthy.
Two: Make us servants of your word. Our lives are yours. We shall follow your lead. In your son’s name we pray. Amen.


© Mike Humphrey 2002, all rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any
entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what
purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: