Redeeming the Day

By Glenn A. Hascall


Stella answers a phone call from her friend Joan. It's halloween night and Stella has decided not to participate in any halloween events. She is challenged to look at the day from a new perspective.




(Phone rings on a rather dark stage - Stella is camped out under a table)
STELLA: (Picks up the phone and says in a stage whisper) Hello. (Pause) Oh, hi Joan. (Pause) What am I doing? (Nervous) Well, I'm in the basement enjoying some time with the family. How about you? (Pause) What? (Pause and then more loudly) You've actually invited the neighborhood kids into your house? Don't you know what night it is? (Pause) I just hate this night.
That's why we turn out all the lights and camp out in the basement. (Pause) You're actually handing out candy? (Pause) And all the lights are on at your place? (Pause) Aren't you afraid? (Pause and then embarrassed) Yes, I know we're supposed to be the light of the world, but... (Pause) So you're giving them a tract too? (Pause) And you're bobbing for apples? (Pause) What was that again? (Pause) This is the one time a year when kids come to your house uninvited, so you thought it was a perfect time to tell them about Jesus? (Pause) I never thought about it that way. (Pause) Where am I right now? Uh, (Pause) Yeah, under the table - just like last year. (Pause) Yes, I guess I do feel a little silly. (Pause, voice warm) Thanks, Joan! We'll be right over. (Hang up phone).
Copyright 2002 by Glenn A. Hascall
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