Blessing In Disguise

By Joanne Miller


A monologue in which a daughter is on the cell phone to her mother. Through a series of mishaps, she has missed her plane to get home for Thanksgiving, and she begins to question why God didn't answer her prayer to catch her plane.  Finally her father gets on the phone and he is crying. He wasn't aware that she had missed her flight.  He just saw a special report
on TV that her flight had crashed with no survivors.


Cheryl: a daughter who missed her plane home for Thanksgiving.


Cheryl: (On cell phone.)  Iím just so angry, Mom.  I mean 3 minutes!  Three lousy minutes!  I saw the plane take off!  How much closer can you get?  Well, it all started at 6:30 this morning.  Mr Sayers called me from London.  Heís over there for a working vacation.  There was a big problem with one of our major accounts.  He needed me to go into the office and look up something in the file. Ö. No, he couldnít access it by computer because Jennyís been sick and it hadnít been entered into the computer yet.  Ö. I know.  Iím not blaming Jenny.  She canít help it that sheís been sick; and weíre so short handed right now that there isnít anyone to take up the slack for her.  Anyway, I figured ďno problemĒ.  I had plenty of time before my flight left.  Thatís one of the advantages of living very close to work.
So I got in there and started looking for what he needed and guess what. Ö. Youíve got it.  It was nowhere to be found.  Naturally, nothing is organized because of Jenny being out.  It took me an hour and a half to find what he needed.  Then it took me another 20 minutes to get the fax to go through.  All the phone lines are busy on Thanksgiving Day.  Ö. Yes, it finally went through and I went to get my car and couldnít believe what had been happening while I was inside.  There was snow coming down like crazy!  Ö.  Oh, yes even that early!
Right away I thought how smart Iíd been to bring my suitcase with me.  That way I could go right to the airport and not even have to stop home again.  Ö. Yes, I thought so too and then I had a really bright idea.  Iíd get on the Marta.  Ö Yes, thatís the mass transit system that you and Dad rode on while you were here.  Anyway, thereís a station right in my office building so I didnít even have to go outside.  I thought I was so smart!  Ö. No, it definitely didnít turn out that way!  The train I got on had some problems and we were stuck for an hour and a half!  I kept telling myself,  ďStay calm.  You have plenty of time.  Youíll make it.Ē Ö.
Yes, I did finally make it to the airport and with an hour to spare.  I was so relieved until the doors wouldnít open on the train!  Can you believe it?  We had to wait and wait for someone to come and pry open those doors.  Wouldnít you think theyíd have someone on hand with a tool kit?  Ö.  I donít know where they had to get him from.  Alaska maybe!  Anyway, like I said I watched several planes take off and Iím sure one of them was mine!  Ö  I know, Mom, Iím just so frustrated and angry.  And to make matters worse the weather has gotten so bad that my flight was the last one out of here today.  The temperature has gone up a little so now itís sleeting and everything is a sheet of ice.  Even the Marta has shut down so, for now anyway, I canít even get home.  Looks like Iíll be spending Thanksgiving in the airport.  Ö.  I know youíre disappointed too, Mom.  Iíve always been there for Thanksgiving.  Itís a tradition.
Mom, I have to ask you something.  Ö. Well, hereís the thing.  The whole time all of this was happening I was praying to be able to make my plane.  I mean 3 minutes!  Why do you think God didnít answer my prayer?  I wasnít asking for anything big.  Why?  Ö.  Iím sorry, Mom.  That wasnít fair.  I know you donít know either.
Hey, tell me whatís going on right now?  Can you smell the turkey cooking yet?  Ö.  You can?  What time are you planning on eating?  Ö. Whoís there now?  Ö.  Cassie and Brian.  Ö.  Marcy, Nathan and the girls.  Ö.  Are Shelby, Jason and the kids there yet?  Ö.  Well, theyíre usually the last ones anyway.  Are Aunt Sally and Uncle Stan coming?  Ö.  They are?  Tell everyone I love them and I miss them.  Mom, tell me what else youíre having for dinner.  I want to feel like Iím there, even though Iím not.  Ö.  Uh, huh.  Uh, huh.  Cranberry sauce? Ö. Did you make your homemade bread? Ö.  You did?  Ö.  Of course, itís tradition!  What about your pumpkin pie?  Ö.  Great!  Save me a piece.  Iíll be there tomorrow if I can.
Listen, Mom, I know youíre busy so Iíll let you go but just one more thing.  Are you going to do the traditional blessing?  You know where everyone says one thing that theyíre really grateful for in the past year?  Ö. Good.  Would you say mine for me?  Ö.  I wanted everyone to know how grateful I am to God for this new job and my new city.  Itís hard to be away from everyone but I really love this job and Iíve made a lot of friends here so I want God and everyone to know how blessed I am even if I donít really feelÖ
Mom, whatís going on?  Mom, Mom, are you still there?  Whatís happening?  Whatís wrong?  Ö.  Dad didnít know I was on the phone with you?  What does that mean?  Ö. Dad?  Dad, stop crying.  I canít understand what youíre saying!  Is something wrong with Mom?  No, no Iím not on the plane, Dad.  I missed it.  I prayed that Iíd make it but I just missed it.  Thank God?  Dad, what are you talking about?  The plane crashed?  My flight?  You just saw it on TV?  No survivors?   Oh, my Lord!  Yes, Dad Iím fine.  Iím sitting in the airport.  Yes, Dad, God is good!  Can I talk to Mom once more?  I have to change the one thing Iím most thankful for this year.
Lights out.

Copyright Joanne Miller, all rights reserved
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