Working Your Way to Heaven

By Terri Savage


Doug's keeping a check list of all the good things he does. This drama was designed to set up a sermon that deals with "works" or "earning your way to heaven".


Doug: Male youth or young man, confident that he's found "the way".
Paul: Male friend who needs a small favor, and slightly questions Doug's thought process.


Doug: (Holding clipboard and check list) Okay, let's check look over our Good Works To Do List:

Do unsolicited yard work for mom and dad - check.
Volunteer at the YMCA - check.
Take old Ms. Watkins to the grocery (looks at watch) I'll do that this afternoon.
Big Brother luncheon - that's tomorrow.
Get Johnny a new pair of shoes for the luncheon - I'll do that after I'm done with Ms. Watkins.

Paul: (enters) Hey Doug, how ya been?

Doug: Hey Paul - what's up?

(Some kind of handshake here as they greet each other)

Paul: Not much. Whatcha doin?

Doug: Oh, I'm just catching up on my Good Works To-Do List - making sure everything's current. You never know when the "big event" is going to happen.

Paul: Good Works To-Do List? What's that, man?

Doug: It's a complete and up-to-date list of all the good things I do. Face it, one day we're gonna meet God and have to give an account, you know what I mean?

Paul: Well, sort of. But what good do you think that list is going to do? (begins playing with hair to make it just right)

Doug: Come on, Dude - you don't think you're going to get in on your good looks, do ya?

Paul: Of course... (stops primping and pauses) not, but I also know you can't earn your way to Heaven!

Doug: What kind of nonsense you talkin', man. I've heard more than my fair share of sermons, and it's clear that we're supposed to do good to others. The way I see it, there's only so much room in Heaven. Think of all the billions of people who've already lived, not mention those on the way - do you think we're all going to fit in Heaven? Absolutely not! So I'm doing all the good things I can to make sure I'm one of the chosen.

Paul: Whatever man - and you think your list is going to help you out?

Doug: Sure. For the last 2-and-a-half years I've been recording all the good things I do for people. That way I have proof to show Him all I've done. I don't want to leave anything off - one good deed could be the difference of a trip to paradise or a one-way ticket to the fiery furnace - ya know what I mean!?!

Paul: Well, how about if I add to your list - can you loan me 5 bucks?

Doug: Sure. (flips page and pretends to write something on the page, then reaches into pocket and pulls out the $5.) (As he hands it over to him he says): Here you go, man. Just sign right here.

Paul: What? You don't trust me to pay you back?

Doug: Oh sure I do - but I figure anyone could tell God all the stuff they've done, and who knows if it's true or not. I get signatures to help back me up. You know, kind of like if you go to court and tell your side. The judge will give you more credit if you have a witness that can back you up.

Paul: (slightly sarcastic) Great - anything to do my part. I'll have it back to you by Friday.

Doug: Never mind - keep it - it's a gift. I figure I'll get bonus points if I don't expect it back. Never can be too sure - every point counts, ya know! Well, I've got to get over to old Ms. Watkins house - it's time to take her to the store. Hey, and if you need anything else, you be sure to let me know. I want to be the one to help!

Paul: Sure thing, man.

Doug: Great, I'll see ya later. And just remember, (thumps chest and does the peace sign) I got your back!


Copyright 2005 by Terri L. Savage.
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