No Respecter of Men

By Christin Kuck


Two men meet by "accident" on a lonely road one evening. Joe Dogooder learns a lesson from Ima Cheater.

Scripture Reference

Matthew 20:1-16 (God is no respecter of men. It doesn't matter when you begin believing in Christ. Grace is grace is grace.)




(Scene opens on a dark stage. Two chairs are set up center stage. Lights flash brightly with the sound of squealing tires and a loud crash. Stage is dark for several seconds then slowly lights up. Two men enter, led by a woman in a long flowing white robe.)

Woman: Please be seated gentlemen. You will be attended to shortly (exits stage)

(Men sit in the chairs looking around the room dazedly)

Joe: What happened?

Ima: I dunno.

Joe: I was driving down highway 584 in my Chevy truck...

Ima: I was crossing highway 584 in my Lamborghini...

(Men pause, look at each other.)

Joe: Where do you suppose we are.

Ima: I dunno

(Lights brighten, flicker like a movie theater)

Joe: Why, would you look at that! Hey, that's me when I was a kid! I remember that. The neighbor's cat got stuck up in a tree. I crawled up in the tree and got it down. Had string all wrapped around it's tail. Mrs. Olmstead offered me a reward, but I turned it down. I loved that cat.

Ima: Hey, look up there. I remember that day. I must of been eight, no... nine years old! He, he, he. Yeah, I tied empty coke cans to the tail of some strange cat in the neighborhood. I chased it around on my bike. Never saw a cat run so fast! Every time I saw that cat after that it had a nervous tick. Hmm.

Joe: (points at imaginary screen) And that's when I became an Eagle Scout. Had to do a service project to earn that. I chose to build a park for under privileged children. Ahhh, I can still remember the bright, smiling faces pouring through the gate when the ribbon was cut. I received a citation from the President!

Ima: Hey, lookit that, will ya. That's probably some of the best graffiti I ever painted! Brand new park or something. That brick wall was just begging for some color.

Joe: And there’s my first date. Irene MacGregor. I married her, you know. She was the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Ima: Hey, hey, hey! There’s my date with Gloria DiMagio! Met her in Humanities Class. Got her pregnant. She had to drop out of college.

Joe: We’ve really lived different lives. Haven’t we. (Reaches over to shake hands), Hi, I’m Joe Dogooder

Ima: (Ima shakes hand) Ima cheater. What do you do for a living?

Joe: I’m a Social Worker. I just love people. Love helping them solve their problems.

Ima: Is that right?

Joe: So what do you do.

Ima: I’m a lawyer. Corporate. I do pretty nasty things to get what I want. Just seemed like my calling in life.

(Joe nods at Ima as if he understands.)

Joe: Well. Hey look. There’s my wedding day. It was wonderful. Irene was gorgeous. Don’t you think?

Ima: I s’pose. Look. There’s my wedding day! We flew out to Vegas. Divorced three days later.

Joe: Hey, there’s the Thanksgiving day when I invited all the homeless people over to my house. That’s Lucy. She’s a bag lady. Irene made the best sweet potato casserole that holiday.

Ima: Oh, boy. I remember that Thanksgiving. I got tanked! Jack Daniels, I think. Had a fight with my Grandmother. Kept harpin’ on me about gettin’ married.

Joe: And there I am at work. Carmen Espinoza’s house burned down and I put together a pool to raise money for him and his family.

Ima: Yeah? Hey. I remember that day! I made Joe Krizan look bad and got a promotion for it! Lots of money. Made lots of money cuz of that.

Joe: Oh, that’s a good memory. I gave a kidney to the boy next door. Boy, that was something. I can’t tell you what it was like to see him when he was up and around again.

Ima: Oh, look at that. I help that old bat that lives next door across the street.

Joe: And look at--- huh? What did you say.

Ima: I help Mrs. Twilliger across the street.

Joe: What are you talking about?

Ima: The lady next door. She’s really not all the bad. Once you get to know her. Makes great chocolate chip cookies.

Joe: Huh?

Ima: Mrs. Twilliger. The lady next door.

Joe: The lady next door?

Ima: Yeah. You got a problem with that?

Joe: No. It’s just... Well. The whole time we’ve been sitting here you’ve basically been looking out after yourself and I’ve been ... well doing good stuff.

Ima: Yeah. You’re basically right.

Joe: Well, What made the difference? What made you change?

Ima: It’s stupid really. You don’t want to hear about it.

Joe: Sure I do. Something happened. What was it.

Ima: Someone drag me to this thing.

Joe: Thing?

Ima: Yeah. A pageant or something like that. It was Easter. You know. All my life, I never thought I’d amount to a whole lot. Oh sure. I was a fancy attorney. I had lots of money. I had women, a hot car. At the pageant I saw Christ on the cross and there was this guy next to him. The guy was a thief. Like me, see. And Christ said to this guy something like, "Today, I’ll see you in paradise." All cuz the guy believed. Nothing but belief. So I said to myself, "Hey. I can believe!" I realized, I could amount to something. I could be more than what I’d been. That was it. That was all.

Joe: Belief. That was all?

Ima: Yep. Belief. Hey, Joe Dogooder. What do you believe in?

Joe: What do I believe in? Well, I just do good. That’s all. I don’t really believe in anything.

Ima: That’s all? Isn’t there more?

Joe: I don’t know. I haven’t really thought too much about it...

Ima: Since I started believin’ it really made a difference in my life. I mean, I want to do nasty stuff, but I can’t help myself. I just seem to end up doing good.

Joe: I don’t get it.

Ima: Maybe you don't. But you will.

(Woman enters)

Woman: Gentlemen. It’s time to go. Apparently there’s been a mistake and you two need to go back.

(Both men stand up. Start walking off stage.)

Joe: Just belief, right?

(Lights dim. Suddenly lights are flashing. Hear sirens and voices in the background. "Here’s one. I think he’s still alive. We need assistance over here. Here’s another one. He’s still breathing! Over here! STAT!")


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