God is ...

By Kevin Penner


A narrated mime which looks at the various ways God is envisaged by people.



(Action takes place simultaneously,  not after  each description)
Narration:  since the beginning of time,  Man has been aware that an invisible being exists outside of himself and we call that being, GOD.  But who is God?  We have never seen Him so how do we know what He is like? In our human wisdom, we think of Him in human terms.  To some He is like a tyrant, always whipping us and bringing hardships into our lives -- one who need to be constantly appeased.

(Guy, representing God , comes on , whipping two girls to work harder;  they fall on  their knees, beg for mercy, make offerings)

To others,  He is like a judge who hands out justice with an iron rod.

(Guy sits in chair in center of stage, with arms crossed, stern look, etc.  He mouths the word "GUILTY!" and motions for the guard -- one girl-- to take the defendant -- the other girl -- away)

Or He is a policeman in the sky always waiting for us to make a mistake.

(Policeman directing traffic is annoyed at the two girls who hesitate in crossing the street.  One stops to tie shoelace, etc.)

Some think of Him as a pretty poor policeman who is too helpless to stop evil.

(Policeman is still directing traffic, but now appears to be one lacking intelligence.   One girl ties his hands behind his back, then goes and steals the other girl's purse, flaunting it in front of his face.  The robbed girl yells -- mimed -- at the policeman to do something, hands still behind back)

Many people have the idea of God as a paternalistic "old man upstairs" like an out-of-date Father Time on New Year's Eve.

(The girls are whoopping it up at a New Year's Eve party.  Father Time dodders in,  they offer him a drink, he chokes, they pat him on the head as he wheezes into the chair at the center of the stage.)

To some, God is the Creator of the universe, who wound up the world, and let it run but has had no influence ever since.

(God "winds-up" the two girls, who act as robots, while God sits down on the chair and falls asleep)

To others, God is an impersonal Force that takes no interest in them.

(Girls make vague "gestures toward infinity", while the guy gets up off the chair and walks offstage)

while some believe  He is in everything: a rock, a piece of wood, or a flower is God; you and I are God.

(Girls pick up various items: rock, a piece of wood, and a flower; they point to each other.)

But God cannot be all these,  can He?  Can we, with our limited knowledge, decide what God is like?  Unless we believe what He has said in the Bible, we cannot know anything about Him.  What does the Bible say ?

( The girls shrug their shoulders, palms upwards.  Point to their heads, then to God.  Then they open Bibles -- mimed.)

It says that God is everywhere,  even existing in the farthest galaxy.

(Girls gesture about them, then peer through telescope)

God knows everything, even down to the smallest structures of atoms.

(Girls peer into microscope)

God is all powerful and has everything in control.

(Girls flex their right arms, then bring fists down as in holding a scepter)

He not only made the whole world but He sustains it as well.

(Girls make and arc with hands, as if fashioning the world, then their hands come to rest at bottom, palms up, as if holding it up)

But the amazing thing is that He is a God of love who is interested in each one of us.

(Girls point to themselves and each other with look of surprise)

He became flesh and dwelt among us but we did not like having our sins exposed and we nailed him to a cross.

(Guy re-enters, walks between the two girls, who shield themselves from Him.  Then they grab his hands, put them up as if on a cross and nail them on.  His head slums forward as if he dies.)

But He rose from the dead and has forgiven all the sins we will ever commit and has thrown them in the deepest sea.

(Guy takes the burdens from the girls backs and tosses them away.)

He is not helpless in the face of evil -- God allows man to do what he wants, but there will come a day of judgement.

(The previous policeman scene is replayed.  Guy does not look foolish, but stern, and this time his hands are at his sides.  Girl steals purse and walks past policeman.  The robbed girl cries out for him to do something; he nods and grabs the thief by the shoulder, turning her around to face him.  The thief gets on her knees, the guy takes purse away and gives it back to the owner)

He is a holy Judge, but those who confess Jesus as Lord now, He will forgive..

(Guy smiles down at thief, brings her to her feet gently)

We should think of Him as Father, the Father of lights from whom every good and perfect gift comes.  He will not refuse anything if we ask.

(Guy hands out gifts to children, who open them with joy)

We should also call Him Lord of our lives, the Master to whom we give everything, and in return, we receive eternal life.

(Girls kneel before God, extending upraised hands "giving" Him their lives; he places his hands on theirs, "giving" them eternal life.  They freeze in that position)


© Copyright Kevin Penner. All rights reserved.
This is copyrighted material, but you may use the sketches anytime, royalty-free. The only thing I ask is that you include my name and address in the copies. ("by Kevin Penner Box 2840 Swan River, MB, CANADA R0L 1Z0 kcpenner@yahoo.com")