Easter Vignettes

By K. Dawn Miller


A series of very short vignettes which can be performed separately or all together. They were originally designed to complement an existing Easter musical that did not have female roles. Consequently, these are all female parts. Please take the liberty to change the roles to men, if they fit. These are listed in chronological order (as best as I can tell based on scripture).


Woman at the Well
Women at the Stoning
Martha and Mary
Simon's Mother - monologue
Mary at the Cross


Woman at the Well

(After the Triumphant Entry of Jesus on what will be Palm Sunday, a woman remembers Jesus in a different setting.)

(speaking to the audience)

That was Him! I remember Him! I knew that day that there was something extraordinary about Him. People here are saying that He's the Son of God - the Messiah. It must be true!

You see, I was gathering water at the well on the south side of the city. He came and asked me for a drink. Me! A Samaritan woman being asked for water from a man of Galilee… it was unheard of. And he knew things. It was as if He looked into my heart and saw my unhappiness. It was more than just reading something in my face.

His countenance was kind and gentle - not condescending. He explained that God's love extended past what I had done. Provided that I started over.

And I did. I went home that day, packed what things I had and went to my mother's home. She was reluctant at first. She knew I had been living with men and unmarried. But, she realized a change had taken place. She saw in me the new life that had been shown to me.

Oh what joy Jesus has returned to my life. I will forever praise him.


Women at the Stoning

(Two women are watching and listening to the stoning of the woman caught in adultery. They pick up rocks, ready to throw them. Suddenly, they stop. Listening to Jesus words, they drop the rocks, turning to go.)

Woman 1: Did you see that? Did you hear that?

Woman 2: Yes.

Woman 1: I don't understand. We've always stoned women like her.

Woman 2: I know. This goes against everything we've been taught!

Woman 1: Do you…I mean…have we been wrong all this time?

Woman 2: How could we? No…the Pharisees surely would have told us. (Exits.)

Woman 1: (watches w2 leave and then looks around to where Jesus was) I don't know. I'm not sure we have been right. There is something about this Jesus. (Exits.)


Martha and Mary

(It is the day after Jesus was arrested and tried. Martha stands sweeping the floor. Mary runs in.)

Mary: (out of breath) Martha! Martha!

Martha: (continuing to sweep) Mary! Slow down. What is it?

Mary: Martha, they've arrested him!

Martha: (stops sweeping) What? What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Mary: They've arrested Jesus! I just saw Matthias. Soldiers arrested him last night!

Martha: I don't believe it! Where did they take him?

Mary: Last night? To the Pharisees.

Martha: In the middle of the night? They don't have trials at night!

Mary: But, they did! And there wasn't a resolution. So, they're taking him to Pontius Pilate.

Martha: Pilate? (sighs)

Mary: What's happening, Martha? I don't understand. What are they going to do?

Martha: (Sets aside her broom and apron) I'm not sure. Let's go.


Simon's mother

Woman watches Jesus carry the cross down street. She turns to address the audience.

My son Simon was asked, no, forced by the soldiers to carry the cross for Jesus. I was appalled! Prisoners are to carry their own crosses - aren't they? As Jesus fell, his robe slipped from his shoulder. The welts from a beating showed clearly on his back. The blood soaked his robe and as he fell his forehead bled from a makeshift crown of thorns. I realized suddenly this was no ordinary prisoner. The officials must be terribly frightened of him to treat him so badly. When I ran to Simon, though, it was Jesus who spoke. Through a gasp he said, "This blood is for you." I stopped. I stared. A shiver ran through my body. I was speechless. I couldn't move as the crowd continued to follow him up the street. It wasn't until I heard the nails that I moved again. And I realized that my face was wet with tears.

Who was this man?



(Esther, Judas' mother, sits working. (This could also be played as Judas' sister). She is obviously worried. A woman approaches cautiously, not wanting to interrupt, but with sad news.)

Woman: Esther?

Esther: Yes? (Looks to her friend and sees the concern) What is it?

Woman: It's Judas…he…he was the one who turned Jesus in to the soldiers.

Esther: What?! But…he loved Jesus.

Woman: I know. But look…(hand her a small bag)…he left this on the table inside.

Esther: (Looks in the bag) Silver? (comprehension) He did that for this? Foolish man!

Woman: Esther, he's gone.

Esther: Well, wait until he returns. (gently) I'll have a talk with him.

Woman: No, Esther…they brought his body back this morning.

Esther: His body? But…who killed him?

Woman: I'm so sorry. He killed himself. He left only the money and a note that said he was ashamed.

Esther: (begins to cry) Foolish…foolish man. Exits.


Mary at the Cross

(Mary, mother of Jesus, stands watching her son after He has died. The men are preparing to remove him from the cross. John moved away from her to anoint the body. A woman approaches Mary.)

Woman: That was my brother.

Mary: (Looking back to Jesus) He was a brother to all.

Woman: No. I mean the thief next to Jesus. He was my brother.

Mary: (looks to her) I'm so sorry.

Woman: I'm not. (wiping tears) Not anymore. I heard the Lord's words. Samuel asked for forgiveness before he died.

Mary: I did not hear.

Woman: I never thought I'd hear him ask. He was always proud of his…well, talent.

Mary smiles sadly.

Woman: Thank you.

Mary: (Mary looks up surprised.) What do you mean?

Woman: Thank you for bringing the Lord to us. (Looks to Jesus) He has saved us all. (Mary hugs her.)



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