Am I the One?

By Christin Kuck 


It is the time of the Passover, and the apostles are ready to celebrate. Unbeknownst to them, this is the last time they will eat with their Lord. They are appalled when Jesus announces one of them will betray and one will deny.  Three apostles give a short monologue relating their past lives and how they became followers of Christ. Each apostle wonders if he will be the one to betray Jesus. The fourth character in this drama is a woman of modern era. She too relates the change Christ made in her life, and her fear that she may be tempted back to her old life. She too must ask herself, "Am I the One?"


Mark 14:18-19


Simon the Zealot

Set and props

Pedestal or table holding a loaf of bread and a cup of wine 


The three apostles should wear period costumes. Annie should be in contemporary clothing.


(Scene: The three apostles are frozen in different positions on stage. As each delivers his monologue, he unfreezes, says his lines and then takes a piece of bread and a sip of wine then freezes again. Annie is praying at the altar until her lines are to be delivered.)

Andrew: Well, that was a surprise! None of us saw it coming. We all expected the usual celebration! This is the Passover after all. But Jesus never does the expected. Tonight, he has been exceptionally somber. His mood has permeated the entire room! Judas Iscariot just couldn't take it anymore. He jumped up and ran out the door as if he had a fire lit under him. And as for the rest of us.... Well, since Jesus made his big revelation, we've all been staring into our cups, afraid to look the other in the eye. The only one that seems confident is my idiot brother, Simon Peter. But then he doesn't have the sense God gave a goat. Imagine. Trying to walk on water! That turned out to be a complete failure!
I suppose I'm no better. People say of me, "Andrew, was the first to follow Jesus!" But in my mind that is not saying much. These past three years I've tried to keep to the background. I have kept my mouth shut for fear of sticking my foot in it, like Peter. In fact the only great thing I've ever done is to bring a young lad with fish and loaves to Jesus. Even then I had my doubts about what Jesus could do with that meager offering. Boy, did he astound us all.
I'm not much of a servant you see, nor do I possess a great amount of faith. So when Jesus announced one of us would betray of us would deny... well, naturally the question came into my mind. (Long Pause) "Am I the one?" (Pull off a piece of bread and eat it.  Take a sip of wine, then go back to position and freeze)

Matthew: I can't believe this. I just can't believe this. Three years I've been with Jesus. Three years! Could he possibly think that I.... (Long sigh)
I am Matthew. I'm sure you've heard about me, what with my disreputable past. I made a lot of money before Jesus came along. I was considered one of the best tax collectors in the country! I was despised by all. Even my own family hated me. I didn't care. I collected enough to satisfy the Roman government, and keep some on the side for myself. I was a rich man. I didn't need my family or my former friends. I didn't need anyone! My wealth gave me new friends.
One day Jesus came to me at my tax collector's booth. I felt a shadow fall over me, and I looked up into the most compelling eyes. He simply said "Follow me." I left it all behind. Every bit of it. I became a changed man. My family no longer called me a money-grabbing outcast. Now they said I was crazy! Following a scripture-quoting carpenter from Nazareth.
I am a different man now. I don't do the things I used to do. I don't even want to do them! (Pause) But, I'm still not sure exactly what he thinks of me. With all these doubts, how could I not question myself?...... Am I the one? (Pull off a piece of bread and eat it.  Take a sip of wine, then go back to position and freeze)

Simon: When I first met Jesus I was standing on a big boulder yelling at the top of my lungs, (yell) "No king but Messiah! No tax but the Temple! No friend but the Zealot!" I was a brutal man, laying in wait for any Roman citizen that came along so I could (brings fist to hand with a loud crack) .... Well.... I'm sure you get it. The name, Simon the Zealot, was well earned!
But Jesus changed my life. Look!! Am I not sitting at the same table as that Jewish tax collector?
Jesus spoke to me of freedom from the oppressor. Of course I assumed that he was speaking of our Roman captors. It wasn't long before I understood he was talking about something quite different, and by then I was so amazed by this man I could never turn around and go back to my former life.
I was the least likely candidate to be chosen for this close circle of believers. Jesus was so gentle, so patient.  I was reckless and rash. A danger to all who stood in the way of my beliefs. With a past like that, I can't help but wonder, ..... "Am I the one?" (Pull off a piece of bread and eat it.  Take a sip of wine, then go back to position and freeze)

Annie: (Walks onto stage from hidden position) You look at me and think, "What a nice respectable woman. She holds down a job at a reputable company. She goes to church, and has a beautiful family." All of those things are true, but it wasn't always that way.
There was a time when I wasn't respectable. A dark time when I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and I would do anything to get them. I didn't care about my family, I didn't care about myself. Why would I care about God! I lived my life like God didn't exist, stealing money from my employer for drugs, hanging out at bars and getting drunk with my two year old son in tow. And the men. There were so many of them in my life, I can't even remember their names.
And then I met the Master.
At first my family thought I was insane. Talking about "religion" all the time. They didn't trust it. They had seen me try and fail so often. But soon they began to realize that something had made a difference in my life. I wasn't doing the those things I used to. I had become a new creature.
But, every once and a while, down at the bottom of my soul, I feel the draw of those old days. There are times when the need to get high is like a monster crawling up my back. There are times I fight myself to do what is right. And times I just feel so tempted to throw this all away....  It is at those times I have to ask myself........ "Am I the one?"
(Pull off a piece of bread and eat it, take a sip of wine, exit stage. Lights go out on the disciples.)


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