The Shepherds

By Alden Frye


Life is boring for Caleb and Aram out watching sheep on the hillside. Until something stunning happens.




Part 1

(Caleb and Aram sit in complete darkness)

CALEB -- Hey?

ARAM -- What?

CALEB -- You awake?

ARAM -- (pause) I think so.

CALEB -- You're not sure?

ARAM -- Well, it's so dark I can't tell if my eyes are open!

CALEB -- I'll stir the coals. That'll give you a little more light.

ARAM -- And maybe some heat!

(Caleb pokes at fire and very dim light illuminates them)

CALEB -- If it really bothers you I could get some more wood.

ARAM -- You think? I know this is only my second night, but... (pause)

CALEB -- But what?

ARAM -- How do you stand it? The cold. The darkness. The silence. The isolation.

CALEB -- You get used to it. Your eyes adjust after a while, and then you can see more.

(long pause)

ARAM -- So does it get any less boring? I mean, does anything ever happen out here at night?

CALEB -- A shooting star once in a while. What did you think a shepherd does, anyway?

ARAM -- I guess... I don't really know.


CALEB -- Let's get up and check the sheep. You count them and I'll check for strays.

ARAM -- Give me a minute... my back hurts and my legs are getting stiff.

CALEB -- Surely walking around will help you warm up.

ARAM -- Don't call me Shirley!

CALEB -- What? I didn't.

(they stand and stretch as the fire light flickers out)

ARAM -- And there goes the fire. I guess that's the last light I'll see for a while!

(both depart in darkness)

Part II

(Caleb and Aram stand in complete darkness. Caleb is awestruck and Aram is excited.)


ARAM -- (in a loud whisper) Caleb? Caleb, did you see that? Please tell me you saw that! CALEB -- I... think so. If you did... then I did!

ARAM -- Then it wasn't a dream, right? If we both saw them it wasn't a dream!


ARAM -- Caleb! They were angels, weren't they? We just saw angels!

CALEB -- I think they must have been angels. And they were talking about... a Savior...

ARAM -- A Savior? Do you think they were talking about... (pause) the Messiah?

CALEB -- I think so. For so long I've wanted the Messiah to come! And... in my lifetime!

ARAM -- Wow! The Messiah! And He'll kick the Romans out, right?

CALEB -- Wouldn't that be marvelous!! (pause) This could change everything!

ARAM -- So why did they come to us? Do you think the others saw them? They must have seen them--they filled the whole sky!

CALEB -- (lost in thought) A baby... in a manger?

ARAM -- How can that be? I mean, the Messiah would be in a palace, wouldn't He? Or the Temple? Wouldn't He be in Jerusalem? Not Bethlehem!

CALEB -- Well, some teachers say the prophet spoke of Bethlehem.

ARAM -- Then... the Messiah could be here! And just down the road from us!

CALEB -- WOW ! (pause) But a baby... in a manger? That makes no sense at all!

ARAM -- That is what the angels said, though! And they were angels, right?

CALEB -- We must go to Bethlehem.

ARAM -- What about the sheep?

CALEB -- Let the others watch the sheep! If this is the Messiah... I must see this baby!

ARAM -- Wait up! I'm going with you!

(both exit)


Copyright Alden Frye, all rights reserved.
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