Have You Seen Christmas?

By Marjorie Kennedy


A young boy searching for Christmas has difficulty finding anyone who can tell him where to find it.


    Jamie a teenage boy, is the main character
    Tina a teenage girl with an open handbag is writing a list of Christmas presents
    A Drunk Man is draped over a park bench. He has a bag with a bottle marked Christmas Cheer.
    Steven, a teenage boy, is polishing his new bike
    A Housewife with her hair in curlers is sweeping with a broom
    Annette, a lady, is reading a handfull of holiday brochures
    Julie, a teenage girl has a shopping basket
    Plus enough children to make a nativity scene


This skit is written to be performed by young people. The main characters are played by teenagers, while young children dress up and provide a tableau of a nativity scene which is revealed on stage at the end of the play. The action takes place in front of the stage with the nativity scene set behind the curtains until the end. The children who make up the nativity scene either sing the carols or a tape recording can be used. As the play starts all the main characters are in view and each is preoccupied as above.


(Jamie, looking puzzled and lost, walks up to Tina, who is busy writing in a notebook.)

Jamie: Have you seen Christmas?

Tina (absently): Er - No. But I've bought all my Christmas presents and look how much money I've got left. (She shows Jamie the money in her handbag) Now I'm making a list of all the things I want.

Jamie (sadly): Then you haven't seen Christmas?

Tina (vaguely): Nn-o. I haven't had time to think about it really.

(Tina goes on writing her list and Jamie walks on slowly. In the backgound voices are heard softly singing a Christmas carol. The music stops and Jamie goes up to a drunk man draped across a park bench.)

Jamie: Hello. Have YOU seen Christmas?

Drunk Man: Waz zat?

Jamie: Christmas. I'm looking for Christmas.

Drunk Man: Then you've come to the right place (hic) laddie. I've (hic) got it.

Jamie (excitedly): You've got it? Can I see it?

Drunk Man: Shertainly, laddie. It's in here. Hic (He pats his bag.)

Jamie: Let me see. Let me see.

Drunk Man (opening up his shopping bag and bringing out a bottle marked "Christmas Cheer") Hic. Here it is.

Jamie (looking questioningly at the bottle): Are you sure this is Christmas?

Drunk Man: Yep. Sez so. (He points to the words "Christmas Cheer")

Jamie (doubtfully): No, that can't be Christmas. Christmas is supposed to have love in it. (He peers into the bottle) I can't see any love in there.

Drunk Man: Av it yer own way,(hic) laddie. But I tell yer, MY Christmas is in here. (He takes a drink from the bottle and lies down on the bench)

Jamie (shaking his head and walking on): I wonder if I will ever find Christmas?.

( The singing is heard again. Jamie goes over to a boy with a new bike. The singing stops.)

Jamie: I`m looking for Christmas.

Steven: Is that your dog's name?

Jamie: No, Christmas. You know. CHRISTMAS.

Steven: Oh yeh. I know. That's when that old geezer with whiskers gives you presents. I've got my Christmas present already - me new bike. Dave's coming around to see it in a minute. Sorry I haven`t time to talk. See yer.

Jamie: (forlornly) Goodbye

(The singing is heard again and Jamie stops briefly to listen. Then he walks over to talk to a lady with her hair in curlers who is busy sweeping with a broom.)

Jamie: Hello. I keep hearing voices singing. They are trying to tell me something, I think. Something about Christmas. But I can't find it. Have you seen it?

Housewife (carrying on sweeping): Voices eh?. No, young man. I'm sorry but I'm too busy to help you. My sister Jean and her husband and new baby are coming to stay tomorrow. I've got to sweep and clean and polish and wash and iron and mend. And there's nothing in the tins. I'll have to bake.

Jamie: Then you don't know about Christmas?

Housewife: Sorry lad. I just haven't had time to think about it.

(She carries on sweeping, Jamie wanders on and the singing is heard again. When the singing stops, Jamie goes up to Annette, who is reading holiday brochures.)

Jamie (half heartedly): I don't suppose you have seen Christmas have you?

Annette: (thoughtfully): Christmas? I've heard of it. Mum sometimes talks about it. She mentioned someone called Jesus.

Jamie (brightenng up): Tell me what you know.

Annette:(thoughtfully) Well, it's on now, I think. I know we always go for a holiday by the sea at Christmas and we are going away to the sea tomorrow, so it must be Christmas.

Jamie: Will I have to go to the sea to find Christmas?

Annette: I don't know. I don't remember it being at the seaside but it could be there.

Jamie: Oh. Well, thanks for your help. Bye.

(Annette carries on reading. The singing is heard again and it stops as Jamie talks to another girl, who is sitting holding a shopping basket.)

Jamie: It`s hopeless.

Julie: What is? What's the matter?

Jamie: I wanted to find Christmas. I had heard that it was really special. But no one can help me.

Julie: Who have you asked?

Jamie: Lots of people. But no one seems to know much about it.

Julie: You must be asking the wrong people. I know about Christmas.

Jamie: What do you know ?

Julie: I found out all about it at church. At Christmas people give each other gifts to remind us that God gave the world the greatest gift of all. His gift was a Christmas present for everyone.

Jamie: (loudly): CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!

(The others all hear what Jamie is saying and they stop what they are doing and rush over to Jamie and Julie.)

Tina: If you have got Christmas presents, here is a list of what I want.

Drunk Man: Have you got some more Christmas cheer there?

Steven: I want a new clip-on radio for my bike.

Housewife: And I want a breadmaker..

Annette: If it's presents, I want new clothes.

Julie: God's Christmas present to us isn't like those presents. God gave us the gift of Jesus, his only son. Jesus was born in a town called Bethlehem and all through his life he showed us what God was like. He taught us that if we want to be with God we can't get there unless we are pure and without sin, and we can't make ourselves clean and pure so Jesus took our sins on himself and allowed himself to be tried and put to death instead of us so that we could be clean and free to come to God.. That is God's Christmas gift to us - His only son sent to save us.

Everyone: Presents We want presents. Show us the presents.

Julie: Here, look. (From her basket she brings out brochures which tell the Christmas story) These brochures tell all about the life of Jesus, God's gift to us. .

Steven (sarcastically): What use would those be as presents? GOODBYE. (He bikes off)

Drunk Man: Me Christmas Cheer will do me, hic. (He pats the bottle in his bag.) I've no use for that other stuff. (He walks unsteadily away.)

Housewife: I do like the sound of God's gift.. Maybe I will come back after I have finished my baking. (She dashes off)

Tina: Yes, God's gift sounds all right but I have to get to the shops before they close. (She sounds doubtful but walks slowly away. Julie looks at Jamie)

Julie: What about you?

Jamie: I really do want that gift from God. Will you show me how to get it?

Julie: Come with me.

(The curtains are drawn back to reveal a Nativity scene. Julie and Jamie walk in as the singers around the manger sing "Once in Royal David's City". Tina, who has moved off only a little way, stops, hesitates and then goes back towards the singers. Julie comes over to her, hugs her, takes her hand and leads her over to Jesus, lying in the manger. Jamie, Julie and Tina kneel before Jesus as the singing continues.)


© Marjorie Kennedy
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: marjian@clear.net.nz