Advent Sketch

By Andy Lund


Simon and Andy discuss whether Advent is relevant to today.



Simon: (Thumbing through dictionary backwards) aeroplane…aerodynamics..aerial…advertise…ah, here it is.

Andy: Hello, Simon. Trying to increase you word power? Not before time, mind you. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you about your spelling. The last Yours sincerely you wrote on a letter to a client was crossed out 5 times before you got it right. And that was just the ‘Yours.’

S: I can’t help it if my education was lacking.

A: Lacking! You must have been thrown out of the infant's school. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you to use a dictionary for spelling.

S: Well, that’s bright of you, isn’t it. To use a dictionary it helps if you can spell the word in the first place. But you need a dictionary if you can’t spell it. It’s a … what’s it called?

A: Vicious circle.

S: Yep. That’s the boy.

A: Spell vicious then.

S: What is this? English test time? I’ve forgotten what I was looking for now.

A: Where did you come across it?

S: At church.

A: Let’s see then- altar, psalter, vestibule, canticle, hassock, cassock, vestry, belfry, Trinity, divinity, service, surplice, warden, organ…

S: Nope

A: Well how about save...nave…

S: Nope

A: (Shrugs shoulders in resignation)

S: I know it’s something exciting sounding. Adventure’s got a lot to do with it. That’s it. "Today", says the minister, "Is adventure Sunday"

A: No, you great Charly.

S: Simon, actually.

A: You great Simon then. The word is Advent. Not adventure. Advent Sunday.

S: Pity. Sounded quite exciting for a moment.

A: So it is, I suppose.

S: How do you mean. (Sings in style of ‘Alfie’) What’s it all about, Andy?

A: It’s a time we remember the coming of Christ and how He was announced to the world. You remember about John the Baptist…

S: Oh, yes, the original new age traveller. He’s the guy who lived on locusts and honey. Sounds ghastly to me. I never did like honey.

A: Be serious for once. It was John the Baptist who announced the coming of Jesus - the Advent of Jesus to the world.

S: Yes, but this was all a long time ago, old chum. It’s not exactly hot news.

A: No, but Good News.

S: You know what they say: Good news is no news….or something like that.

A: But Jesus is still coming today.

S: What?

A: Jesus is still coming. He can still have an Advent.

S: Now, you’ve really lost me.

A: Well let me show you…

(At this point insert the Riding Lights drama ‘The Appointment’ or similar dramatisation of the story of the Rich Young Ruler. Alternatively someone can share how Jesus has been revealed to them.)

A: So, you see, Jesus still comes today and still gives people the chance to follow Him. Like He did with the rich young ruler when He was on earth. He still has an Advent.

S: Except there’s no hairy John the Baptist going around saying… what was it he was always shouting out?

A: Prepare ye the way. But I’m not sure you’re right. There’s still people entrusted with that job even today.

S: Hang on a minute. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought camel hair coats went out with the 60’s, and locust sandwiches haven’t been on the menus of any of the restaurants I’ve been in recently. Cockroaches in the kitchens, I’ll grant you but not served up for main course.

A: Sometimes I wonder …. The point is that there are people - ordinary people - who have been given the job of telling the world about the Lord Jesus. Of announcing Him to a world that desperately needs Him. You don’t need special clothes to do it. You just need to know Him and love Him yourself. In fact, you’ll do.

S: The first nice thing you’ve said to me all day!

A: Yeah, well I’ll try not to let it happen again. But the point is, you have been given the job of passing on the word, of proclaiming the gospel, if you like, because you are a Christian. It’s not just a vicar’s or a minister’s job - it’s yours, too. Because you’re just ordinary, in an ordinary job - if you don’t get the sack - you can reach out to people all around you, all day long.

S: I see. Quite a job, though.

A: Right. And you’ll only do it with God’s strength. But the job must be done before it’s too late. Before Christ comes again.

(Reading of Matthew 24. 30-31 or more of that chapter if appropriate to the setting)

© Andy Lund
All rights reserved
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