Christmas Animals

By Troy and Genie Nilsson


The Christmas story like you've seen it before - through the eyes of the AnimAls of Christmas! (Main Message: "Jesus loves you no matter what you smell like, and so do we!") Everyone is welcome at the feet of Jesus!


1. OVERTURE / Joy To The World (Up, fun!)
2. ANIMALS OF CHRISTMAS Theme (Up, fun!)
3. KING'S LIMOUSINE (DONKEY and cast) (50's swing, very funny)
4. WE THREE CAMELS (lament, hilarious)
5. WHERE IS THE KING? (power ballad)
6. optional: Lion (pride song) (suspenseful)
7. optional: The Outcast's Song (Pig Song) (choose between funny and poignant versions)
8. ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH (Fun but tasteful (Bruce Hornsby-like)
9. O Come All Ye Animals (Up- fun!)
10. Away in manger/ SILENT NIGHT (Dove/Cow Song) (tender, contemplative, peaceful)
11. THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS OF ALL (emotional and powerful, soft)
12. FINALE (Opt.- KING OF THE JUNGLE (Christmas Mix)/ Joy To The World


Donkey ~ Chauffer, cheerful, confident, helpful
3 Camels (Goldy, Franky, Myrr) ~ grumpy, humorous
Sheep (including one black sheep )~ sweet, gentle easy going, happy to please
Dog ~ police, law and order/ detective; McRuff
Lion ~ strong leader/ proud, jealous;
Owl/servant/messenger ~ formal, snooty: english accent
Pig ~ dirty, smelly, outsider, shy
Dove ~ Peaceful
Cow ~ motherly
Mary, Joseph ~ larger child or adult, traditional
Baby Jesus ~ doll or small 3-4 year old, traditional
Cast Use your imagination! (black sheep to be the pig's companion)


OVERTURE/Joy To The World
full cast & choir
Joy to the world -
the Lord has come!
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and heaven and nature sing
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns
Let dogs their barks employ
While cats and cows and mice and men
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy.
shout: Joy to the World! Joy To The World! Joy To The World! JOY!


Joy to the World ENDS/applause

All the animals assembled; Lion center stage with animals seated in semi-circle, talking excitedly; Pig near Lion

(Majestic Music intro?)

(optional ____: whisper:) Where's the King's crown?)

LION: (not wearing crown) Order, Order, Order!

DOG: Order in the court!

LION: (excitedly) - Summon my scribe!

OWL: Yes Sir, you rang?

LION: I have a decree!! We are to tell the whole world about the amazing events that have just taken place!

ANIMALS: YEAHHH! (sheep: Baaaahhhh)

LION: Officer - bring your sheep to order.

DOG: RUFF RUFF! (sheep settle down)

OWL: First - the rules of order; (moves toward the pig as if to kick pig out) (opt: "we must purge the meeting place of all undesirables")

LION: Wait...

OWL: But sir, it's against the law for pig to be here; We never invite the pig - he's dirty and smelly!

ANIMALS: (holding their noses) "Peeew!" "He stinks!" "Get him out of here!"

PIG: Hey... (acts timid)


OWL: Well, what about those camels, they're foreigners ... aliens! - and I heard they're complainers too; what if they spit on us?!"

CAMELS: We won't spit! We wanna stay! Don't make us go!


OWL: Did you say please? Your highness, you've never been polite before.

LION: Everything's changed! This world will never be the same, and that's why we've got to tell everyone!

SHEEP: Do you think they'll believe us? What's so special about us Animals?

LION: We're very special... God chose some of us to be eyewitnesses!

ANIMALS: Yeahhh!!!! That's right!

optional: Animals of Christmas! Key: D
(Bright Jingle Bells swing)
Dashing though the dirt of Bethlehem's outskirts; (fields/sand/land)
We saw it all so clear that first Christmas year
Had a backstage pass to the King's birthday
Barking braying neighing snorting, howling all the way; Hey!
Come and have some fun, sing about God's Son
Come along with us, we're the Animals of Christmas
It's Christmas Day, told a brand new way
We've got a lot to say, We're the Animals of Christmas.
We see things differently - But God Loves us too
Down here on the food chain it's a unique point of view
We had lots to do with this story too
We're God's furry creatures and we're here to sing for you.
Repeat Chorus
alternate lines:
We've got a lot to say about the first Christmas day
We're the Animals of Christmas and we're tellin it our own way
The world's a different place when you look like a hog
any Animal- a camel sheep dove lion or dog
Alternate 2nd verse lines: We had a special place and God loves us too
God loves furry creatures too
His people had no room, so he hung out with us
Nobody's too good for him
'bout the first Christmas day We're tellin it a new way (our way)


LION: OK - Let's make sure we have the facts straight - Who was there from the very beginning?

DONKEY: Me! See, I'm Joseph's Donkey. Now here's what happened...Joseph's fiancee, the Virgin Mary, was carrying God's only Son, and she was about to have the baby any day. Then Ceasar said so we all had to go to Bethlehem, ('cause ya gotta pay your taxes). The road was very rough and dangerous... But I could handle it! I was the donkey for the job! I was on a mission from God. Picking me was inspired- I'll tell you why...

The King's Limousine
(Donkey's Song) key:D
Donkey (very proudly ):
You hear about me every year
I'm an animal who has no fear
My sense of humor and my smile
Will get you through the toughest mile
My engine's got get up and go
And I'm the built in radio
The reason that I love to sing
I'm the King's limousine
Choir( He's the King's Limousine)
From Nazareth to Bethlehem
On my hide you can depend
I'm your driving dream machine
I'm the king's limousine
(optionally sung by cast)
(He's) I've got side impact saddle bags
Low ridin belly sag;
The coolest ride you've ever seen
(He's) I'm the King's Limousine
Plush deluxe leather seats
Open air conditioning
Economy that can't be beat
Seven miles to a sack of wheat
From Nazareth to Bethlehem
On (his) my hide you can depend
(He's) I'm your driving dream machine
(He's) I'm the King's limousine
Alternate lines:
His engine's got get up and go
And He's the built in radio
The reason that we love to sing
He's the King's limousine

LION: OK. NEXT?! Camels- Let's hear your part of the story! (dog, donkey and lion exit

to backstage quietly; other characters sit down.)


GOLDY: Hi, I'm Goldy

FRANKY: I'm Franky,

MYRRHVIN: And I'm Myrrhvin!

GOLDY: We carried the wise men. Although, sometimes we wondered how wise they were.Like when (they said they wanted to go follow a star to find the New King,) they said, "Saddle up we're gonna follow yonder STAR!" You ever followed a star? It's very tricky, one cloudy night - next day

you're in Egypt! -

FRANKY: And then they said Herod wanted to worship the New King... --- Yeah, right! King Herod wants to get rid of the baby king cause he's jealous!

MYRRHVIN: And he wanted us to traipse all over the country to help him!?

ALL CAMELS: Riiiight...

GOLDY: ...Anyway... It was a long journey... So to pass the time, we made up songs - that's when things really started happening!!

FRANKY: Remember?


(Harp dreamy arpeggios; CAST does 'Wayne's World' dream sequence gesture/sound); (maybe: Kid walks across the stage with flashback sign)

We Three Camels KEY:C
We three camels traveling far
Wish someone would invent a car
We go up and down the mountains
Following yonder star
These three kings are killing our backs
Loaded us with big heavy packs
Gold and frankensense and myrrh
The countryside's just a blur
CHORUS (CAST or just camels):
Oh star of wonder star of night
We wish you'd drop out of sight (opt traditional: Star of royal beauty bright)
Lead us West to Bethlehem (opt traditional: Westward leading, still proceeding)
So we can have a Silent Night (opt traditional: Guide us to thy perfect light)
Everyone says these kings are wise
We're just glad they don't pack their wives
Pray we get there soon or else
we're sure we're gonna die
optional traditional lyrics ( God of wonder, God of light...)


DOG: (Howling like police siren, flashing blue flashlight, approaches camels from backstage) Do you realize you ran that stopstone back there - you were swerving all over the place, singin that silly song... Hey - you're not from around here are you? What are you doing?

CAMELS: aww... We're looking for the new king!

DOG: What King? We've got a king - we don't need any foreign troublemakers startin' revolts about a new king.

CAMELS: No- ... The Messiah who's going to save everyone from their sins & make this world make sense again, the King of ALL Kings!

DOG: Interesting story but, hey, I've been investigating rumors about that new king for years.

SHEEP: Yeah, we've been waiting for him for centuries - we've almost given up hope...

(writer note: evolve sheep; set up more)

Character solo
It seems like I've been searching forever
Lost in this dog eat dog world
For the one who would make everything fairer
And finally bring peace on (this) Earth
This beautiful world is not all that it should be
But I know it could be (would be)
When we find the King
Where is the King who will bring us together?
Where is the King who will set us free?
Where is the Lord One? we've been waiting for?
Oh Where is the Prince Of Peace?
Where is the King?
I know I'll know his face when I see him
Though I've never seen him before
The goverment will be on his shoulders;
When all that is lost is restored
This beautiful world will be all that it should be
In the New Kingdom with the true King
Where is the Prince Of peace?
Where is the king (of kings)?
Where is the King
Where is the king....

LION: (bounds onstage, with crown) Where's the King?!? HERE I AM!

(casts reacts, startled)

DOG: Sir, We meant no disrespect... Sir, We're speaking of the Messiah; the King of Kings

LION: (You'd better not be lyin'; I take my authority VERY seriously! You depend on me for leadership I have to check out any claims to the Throne. I 've been put in charge and I won't tolerate imposter taking my place.

(Writer's note possible angle 2: PROUD, Jealous I'm the king; ; I don't need any new king.)

Lion's attitude is like that of Herod; proud, Jealous, cause he's the 'King';
I'm the Liion I'm liiion Everyone fears me --I'm the liion
I'm the Liion I'm not lion You' better revere me I'm the lion
I'm the King of the Jungle - I'm the Lord of my Pride
I rule and I humble so you better hide
Cause I'm the Lion, I'm the liion
Nobody beats me I'm the liion (writer's note: you'll ... tryin'?)
I'm the Liion, I'm the Liion - The Throne is Mine I'm THE LION!
Optional ideas:
Optional cast chorus: CAST: The Liiion... He's the liiiion, you'd better revere him he's the lion
He's the lion He's the lion, everyone fears him - he's the lion
He's the lion - I'm not lyin- don't ever go near him he's the lion
The Liiion... He's the liiiion, he's the ruler he's the lion
He's the king of the jungle He's the king of the land
And if he sees you you will understand
He's the Liion --The Liion you better respect him he's the lion
Don't ever get near me, I'm the Lion
WHen I roar people run in fear. You'd better respect me; don't ever cross me
WHen I roar people listen; and stare; cause they know they had better beware!
The crown is the weight of the world on his shoulders/ too heavy to bear
I'm responsible; perhaps almost weary of his responsibility; I CAN'T DO IT ALL; he hates that he's feared; I have no king;

LION: If you find out anything else, I want to know about it immediately! (I want a fullreport in my throne room of every detail.)

DOG: Yes, sir!



SHEEP: What're you doing here - you're unclean - euuwww - get away.

PIG: Well, I know, but... I just wanted to see what all the noise was about...

DOG: The Lion's on the prowl cause there's a rumor goin' round about a new king being born.

CAMEL: Yeah - our wise men told us - (opt: and they know everything)!

PIG: Wow! A new king, I wish I could go see him

CAMELS: Well, come on, we're lookin for him!

PIG: (opt: You're not from around here, are you? See...) I can't, I'm unclean... nobody wants to be around me, I just stick to myself.

(Opt: dialog (snickering) between other animals with pig across stage)

OPTIONAL: The Outcast's Song (PIG SONG)
No king would want to be with me
Cause I snort like a hog and I really stink
Little girls see me and the hold their nose
I run for the table and the door slams closed
All night long, I shiver in my skin
I see a warm house but they won't let me in
I plop in the hog slop and play all day
I'm a dirty (little) pig and I like it that way
CAST: He's a dirty little pig and he likes it that way
(sound fx: Oink sqeal snort scratch and burp frt snort (whine) slobber/waller)
I have a split hoof but I don't chew cud
I look like a goof when I roll in the mud (nobody even pets my hide)
I whine like a swine and I slobber when I dine
but My Momma says I smell just fine
But I love bein' an unclean beast
'cause they don't eat me at the passover feast
cause I plop in the hog slop and play all day
I'm a dirty (little) pig and I like it that way
CAST: he's a dirty little pig and he likes it that way
(sounds fx: Oink sqeal snort scratch and burp snort frt (whine) slobber/waller)
TAG: Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat slop! PLOP!

(Leviticus 11 (English-NIV)1:7: The LORD said to Moses and Aaron,... the pig, though it has a split hoof completely divided, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you.

Is There Anyone Out There? ( Outcast song)
(optional Quiet version of pig song)
When I am lonely
That's most of the time
I look to the heavens
and ask myself why
What is my purpose
And could it be
That there's someone
Out there who could love me
Is there someone who can
Look past my skin
Someone who's able to
See what's within
Is there someone who will
Love me for me
Does anyone out there love me?
(Writer notes/actor motivation: Basic ideas: I'm an outcast; Nobody wants to be near me Why is it no one ever wants to be around me, I'm not perfect, I've got problems; i'm a mess, i've got things I need to clean up; I've made a mess of my life, been dragged through the mud, and sometimes I've liked it that way, lonely, misfit, outcast, misunderstood; I know deep inside there's something special about me, but nobody wants to be around me; They look at the outside, but God looks at the heart; it's cold; I wish I could sing; I wish I could be clean; I wish peple could see past the dirt; problem is about animals perception of him because of his appearance; I wish I didn't oink)


CAST: You're right! How silly, of course they wouldn't want YOU there!

ALL CAST: See ya!

PIG: Ok...bye...

{Cast begins to walk offstage to find Jesus)

CUE TRACK: very loud and majestic "GLORIA...!" (sound of angels singing); GLORIA!!!!! rising chromatically; {Angels sing one chorus}, then animals return to center stage and sing.

Angels we have heard on High KEY:C
Angels we have heard on high sweetly singing oer the plains
And the mountions in reply echoing their joyous strains
Gloria-------------------- in excelsis deo
Gloria---------------------in excelsis deo
Angels we have heard on high sweetliy singing oer the cows
And the sheepdogs in reply echo'd back their joyous howls
Gloria____________ in excelsis deo
Gloria____________ in excelsis deo
Angels we have heard on high sweetliy singing oer the sheep
And the sheepies in reply echo back a joyous bleat
Gloria____________ in excelsis deo
Gloria____________ in excelsis deo (3nd chorus with all)
GLORIA............ I TAG


DOG: Wow- that was cool, dude!

SHEEP: Yeaaaaaahhhh...


DONKEY: Wow - what was that cool light show? It was thumpin like a rock concert!

SHEEP: Yeaaaaaahhhh... It was angels, comin to tell us that the New King is being born... C'mon, let's go FIND him!!

DONKEY: Hey, He's just been born! I know where he is! Come on! I'll take you there!

O' Come All Ye Animals
O come all ye faithful
Joyful and Triumphant
O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem
Come and behold Him
Born the King of angels
O come let us adore Him, O come let us adore Him Christ the Lord
O come all ye animals,
Sheep and dogs and camels
O come ye, o come ye to Bethlehem
Come and behold the real king of the Jungle
O come let us adore him O come let us adore him Christ the Lord
[At end of song, Cast march offstage (down aisles to back of hall if practical)]

optional - traditional lyrics

Christmas Animals Script September 26, 2000 11:11 PM p.17


{Sheep, donkey, dogs, camels off stage}

Joseph standing; Mary seated holding baby (optional nativity scene)

Dove: What a peaceful (silent, beautiful) night...

Cow: That's right, they came to MY manger, - I'm SO MOOved..

{As the song progresses, offstage animals come to edge of stage}
(possible idea: Dove sings first time, then everyone joins in)
Silent night Holy night
All is calm all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace


{Sheep, donkey, dogs, camels approach stage manger}

DOG: What's the King doin' HERE??

DONKEY: Man, - none of his people would let him in, so he has to sleep out in the manger with us..


DOG: Dude, that's cold...

DONKEY: I know, Hey, Let's go on in!

DOG: Are you sure???

DONKEY: It's OK, go on... He won't mind

[Dog corrals Sheep toward stable]

DONKEY: You too, camels.

CAMELS: We're foreigners, we're not worthy.

DONKEY: You're wrong, He's your King too.

(Lion approaches proudly from shadows) NOTE:SCRIPT DIFFERS FROM TAPE BELOW:

CAMELS: Really? ok! [Camels glance at the Lion] After you, Your Highness!

LION: NO- Wait!. (Lion runs and jumps offstage, through audience, to lobby, (Animals murmur ("what's he doing????") and comes running back with the pig (on his back? - optional).

PIG: (yelling joyfully) The Lion (King) says I can go see the baby King! (repeat ad lib)

DONKEY: (as lion and pig reach the stable) You can Piggy!

PIG: [pauses] what if he smells me?...

DONKEY: He won't reject you, Jesus loves everybody! (No matter what you smell like!) and so do we!) (opt:I'll go with you, little buddy.)

PIG: Really? OK!

ENTER PIG and DONKEY, kneel down

{Animals look surprised at pig.}

ENTER LION [everyone gasps in fear; looking at the Lion, then back at the baby king... }

LION: (Lion slowly walks up, sees baby Jesus and his attitude immediately changes. - Body relaxes.

He takes off his crown; puts it at the feet of Jesus, and lays down by the lamb at Jesus' feet.)

The Greatest Christmas
When the peace of Christ rules in our hearts
And the bitterness comes to an end
When the outcast comes home to open arms
When our enemies become our friends
There's a hope (song) of peace and a light of joy
when together we all rejoice!!
When the lion lays down with the lamb
Safe at the feet of the Great I AM
Though all we have is a manger stall
It's the greatest Christmas Day of all
When the nights are cold but our hearts are warm
And the laughter sings out through the wild
Though it's dark outside God will be our light
When we lay down our crowns to His Child
He's our hope of peace and our Light of joy
so together we'll all rejoice!

LION: Cmon' let's go tell everybody the Good News! (The True King Of Kings is here!!")


LION: Sing with us!

OPTIONAL SUGGESTED SONG either here or at very end:
Who Is The King Of The Jungle (Ugh Ugh)
Who is the King of the sea (bobble bobble bobble)
Who is the king of the Universe
and who's the King Of Me-
I tell you
He is the King of me
Who is the king of the Universe,
the jungle and the sea
bobble bobble bobble-

Joy to The World
the Lord has come!
Let Earth recieve her King
Let every heart heart prepare him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and heaven and nature sing
Joy to the world
The Savior reigns
let dogs their barks employ)
cats and cows)
and mice and men)
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy
v.1 repeat

optional traditional 2nd verse

Joy to the world
The Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy

optional narration:

Luke 2:17 When they had seen him, they made known abroad the word that had been told them about this child,18 and all who heard it were amazed! 20 [They] returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.




Rebecca St. James writes: I heard something today that I wanted to share with you. I was in a meeting with Eddie DeGarmo (ForeFront) and he was talking about something his pastor said last Sunday. He said that in Jesus' day shepherds were outcasts, looked down upon in society because of their affiliation with animals. They weren't even deemed 'worthy' enough (by men) to offer a sacrifice in the temple. But who were the first to come to Jesus in the stable? The shepherds.


Copyright Troy & Genie Nilsson, all rights reserved.
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