World's Best Gift

By Cherry Grove Baptist Church


In a radio interview, Mary explains why she poured the jar of ointment over Jesus' head.



Radio announcer: This is W.A.R.P. radio coming to you from Time Warp Central. You've been listening to "Sounds of the Planets'' by the Astro-Nuts. We're moving now to the news desk for today's feature story. Anchorman Smith. What do you have for us today.

Anchorman: Thank you, Bob. As you know, Time Warp Central News has been looking back through time to answer the question, "What was the best gift anyone ever gave?''

Radio announcer: Yes, I know. I guess everyone would have liked to get yesterday's gift. That custom built sports car was great.

Anchorman: Today's interview is a little bit different. Today we feature a gift that made the giver famous.

Radio announcer: What do you mean?

Anchorman: Since the early Christians first started telling the story of Jesus, the story of this gift and the woman who gave it has been told. We're taking you now to Jerusalem just before Jesus was crucified. Our guest today is Mary. Good morning, Mary.

Mary: Good morning, W.A.R.P. What can I do for you?

Anchorman: Tell us about your visit to the home of Simon, the leper.

Mary: I heard that Simon was giving a party for Jesus. I had a gift that I wanted to give to Jesus so I went there to see if I could find Him. He was there. I give Him the gift. That's really about all there is to the story. It amazes me that people are still talking about it.

Anchorman: Mary, we've heard that your gift was a bottle of perfumed oil. Many of the people who are listening to this don't know about the perfumes, oils and bottles that you had in your time. Would you describe the gift?

Mary: It was an alabaster jar of perfumed oil.

Anchorman: Is an alabaster jar like a glass perfume bottle?.

Mary: Similar. There is a soft mineral called gypsum. We make it into shiny jars that you can almost see through. Alabaster jars are very beautiful.

Anchorman: It says in the Bible that you broke the jar. Didn't it have an opening to pour from?

Mary: I broke it because I wanted to pour all of the oil on Jesus, not just a few drops. It was the best gift I could find and I wanted to give it all to Him.

Anchorman: Pouring a box of perfume on a man's head seems like an unusual way to give a gift. Would you like to explain?

Mary: Jesus told his followers that He was going to be betrayed and killed. It was our custom to used perfumed oil during burial. I wanted Him to be prepared for what was going to happen to Him. I wanted Him to know that I loved Him.

Anchorman: I understand that some of the men who were with Jesus thought you had wasted the 300 denari that you paid for the perfume. They thought that the money could be put to better use. Mary, would you tell our audience just how much 300 denari would be in our money?

Mary: It was what someone in my time would earn working for about a year.

Anchorman: Wow! In our time, a year's wage would usually be more than $24,000. I can see why they were surprised. Audience, what would you do with a $24,000 bottle of perfume?

Mary: The men thought I should have sold the bottle and given the money to the poor.

Anchorman: Well, Jesus does teach that we should help the poor.

Mary: Yes, but He also said that I had given Him a beautiful gift and that everywhere the gospel was preached people would tell about the gift.

Anchorman: Well, Mary, since Jesus said that about your gift, I think that you may be the winner in our "Best Gift Ever'' contest. What do you think about that?

Mary: I think you are wrong, wrong, wrong. The best gift ever given was Jesus.

Anchorman: What do you mean?

Mary: Jesus deserved the gift I gave to Him. We don't deserve anything from God but He gave His Only Son to come here to this planet. Jesus gave His Life as a gift to us. He spent His Life teaching us about God. He let Himself be killed on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. Then, He came back here to show us that we did not have to be afraid of death anymore. Talk about a gift! Best of all, Jesus said it was available to anyone who would accept it.

Anchorman: Are you saying that the best gift is one that I can have?

Mary: Yes, you and everyone else who wants it. All you have to do is accept it. Anyone who takes His gift has eternal life with God in a wonderful place He is preparing for us.

Anchorman: Mary, thank you for being with us today. You have really given me some Good News.

Mary: Good bye, W.A.R.P.

Anchor: Well, Bob, that was quite a story. What about you? What are you going to do with Jesus's gift?

Announcer: I've already accepted it. I told Jesus I wanted to take Him up on His offer when I was 12 years old. It's the best gift anyone ever gave me.

Anchor: I'd sure like to talk to Jesus about His gift but I've used up all my time on the Time Warp machine today. I guess I'll have to try some other time.

Announcer: You don't need any machine to talk to Jesus. You can accept His gift right where you are. God is waiting to hear from you anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Anchor: I don't understand. I can't see God, how can I talk to Him? How do I know what He's saying back to me? This seems weird.

Announcer: When you talk to God it is called praying. He said we should come to Him like we come to a loving father. Just start talking to Him. God talks to us through the Bible and through the Holy Spirit.

Anchor: So I just talk to God and tell Him I want to accept His gift?

Announcer: Yes. Just take the countdown to Heaven.

3. Admit that you have been trying to live by your own rules instead of following

God's way.

2. Believe that Jesus is God's son and that He came to earth to make it possible

for people be forgiven for ignoring God's way.

1. Commit (promise) your life to Jesus. Ask Him to be your Savior and Lord.

See? It is Admit, believe, commit and then blast off to real life!

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