Chipmunk Police!!!!...the series.

by Dan Wilson


Chip DeMonk of the Forest Patrol teaches two children about the need to care for the environment.



Chip: My name's DeMonk, Chip DeMonk. I'm a member of the Forest Patrol. I carry an acorn. It's my job to make sure that things are under control in this part of town.

Sally: Ok, now I'll count to ten and you go hide.

Jake: Got it.

Chip: Oh oh, gotta hide. It's time for a stakeout!

Jake (enters): Boy, where am I gonna hide? Hey, this tree should be good. I'd better finish my Pop first. (drinks) Aw, now what am I gonna do with it.

Sally: five...

Jake: I'll just throw it over there, maybe she'll think I went that way. (throws can. Chip drops acorn on his head) Ow!

Chip: Freeze!

Jake: Who said that? I didn't do anything!

Sally (enters): Boy, you're no fun. Don't you know how to hide?

Jake: Someone told me to freeze!

Chip: That's right. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be told to your parents...

Jake: AHHH! It's a giant rat!

Chip: I'm a chipmunk, and you're in no place to be insulting me.

Sally: Aw, he's so cute! Maybe we can keep him.

Chip: I am not a pet! I don't think you understand. Your friend here is under arrest.

Sally: What's the charge?

Chip: Vandalism, wanton defacing of the environment...

Jake: Huh?

Chip: In other words...littering.

Jake: Well why didn't you say so? I'll go pick it up.

Sally: I'm sure that he just wasn't thinking, er.. officer chipmunk.

Chip: That's just my point! you humans never think. You're always walking around our homes, dropping your garbage all over the place.

Sally: Gee, we're sorry. Can we help?

Jake: Maybe if we're more careful, if we try to find garbage cans instead of just dropping things.

Chip: Well, that would help.. a little. There are just so many of you!

Sally: We could tell our friends!

Jake: And maybe they could tell their friends!

Chip: Could you?

Jake: Yeah, in fact, I'll start right now! Hey, could one of you pick up that can for me a put it in the garbage (or recycling bin if one is available). Thanks!

Chip: Ok, I'll let you off this time. But I expect you to do what you promised. Tell your friends not to litter! And remember..I'll be out there watching for you!

Jake: Ok, Chip.. can I call you Chip?

Chip: Sure, as long as you don't litter. (kids go off and chip climbs tree)


Chip: It's me again. Boy, things sure have been quiet around here lately.

Jake: Hey, it's the big chipmunk! How's it goin?

Sally: Hi, chip!

Chip: Well, it's good to see you too. Have you been careful about littering?

Jake: Oh yeah. We talked to the kids at school about it, and the playground has never looked better!

Sally: In fact, we came back to thank you.

Jake: And to plant this.

Chip: What have you got there?

Sally: It's a baby tree! We're going to plant a tree!

Chip: That's a wonderful idea! Whose idea was it?

Jake: Actually, it was our teacher's. She told us that if we plant trees, then the air will be cleaner.

Sally: Yeah, trees make clean air.

Jake: And we certainly need clean air in Chicago! (makes choking noises and pretends to faint) Air! Air!

Chip: And they also make homes for birds, and squirrels, and (of course) chipmunks!

Jake: no kidding, you mean that you live in a tree?

Chip: Right over there.

Jake: Check it out! (runs to tree)

Sally: Jake be careful!

Jake: I wanna see where Chip lives!

Chip: I didn't know that humans could climb.

Sally: Jake! get down from there! If you kill yourself you're gonna be in trouble!

Jake: Wow! I can see for miles up here! This is a totally cool place Chip!

Chip: Thanks, now don't mess the place up, ok. Come on down.

Jake: Yeah, ok. uh.

Sally: What?

Jake: Uh, nothing, I'll be down in a minute.

Chip: Come on, you've gotta help plant the tree. Where's it gonna go?

Sally: How about over here?

Chip: Great. Jake? Are you still up there?

Jake: Uh, could somebody get me a ladder?

Sally: Maybe we should just wait for this new tree to grow tall enough for you to climb down it!

Jake: How long will that take?

Chip: About twenty years.

Jake: Mommm! (Exit)


Sally: Chip! Chip! Where is he?

Jake: I don't know. Maybe he's asleep.

Sally: Why don't you see if he's in his tree?

Jake: Uh, I don't think so.

Sally: Chip! Where are you?

Jake: Let's look around for him. (Jake and Sally search the stage)

Jake and Sally: Chip! Chip! Chipper! Chip off the old block! Chip-chiparooni! The chipster, hard to find.

Jake: No good, he's gone.

Sally: Where could he have gone? Have any of you seen him? No?

Jake: Gosh, this park isn't the same without him.

Sally: Yeah, I know what you mean. (Chip comes up behind them)

Jake: He taught us so much about the park.

Sally: How to take care of it.

Jake: How to appreciate it.

Sally: He showed us that the animals are our friends, and now we've lost him.

Chip: Hello.

Jake and Sally: Chip!!

Chip: I was just getting some nuts. Did you really miss me?

Jake: Of course!

Chip: Because I can only stay if you want me to.

Sally: What do you mean?

Chip: In the past, people didn't really care if we were around or not. They destroyed our homes, threw garbage in our rivers and lakes, littered the ground with trash. A lot of us have had to leave. Many of us didn't have anywhere else to go.

Sally: That's so sad.

Jake: I'd never do that to you Chip.

Chip: I'm glad. But you must always remember me, and the park.

Sally: We'll always remember you!

Chip: Because when you grow up, it will be your decision if I and my friends stay or go.

Sally: I want you to stay!

Jake: I want you to stay!

Chip: (To audience) And what about you, do you want me to stay? (puppets sing song with children...exit.)


Dan Wilson, all rights reserved.

This play may be performed free of charge, provided no entrance fee is charged. In return for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of any performance. He may be contacted at Other scripts may also be found at his web site,