The County Fair

By W.A. Norash


Teens are finally able to be on their own at the county fair, but they find out getting along takes compromise.


Three early teens, 2M, 1F, but can change as needed.


(All face to side and wave good-bye).
WENDY: Bye. Bye,  Mrs. Brewer. Thanks for taking us.
GARY: Tell my Mom we'll be right here at  9:00!
ROB: Bye, see you later Mom!
 (All face each other)
GARY: This is going to be great. We have three hours to go on rides and hang out.
ROB:   We're finally old enough to come by ourselves.
WENDY:  We don't have to have our older brothers or sisters watching us.
GARY: Or, our younger brothers or sisters tagging along.
WENDY: We're goin to have a blast.  Maybe other kids from our class will be here, too.
ROB: What are we going to do first?
WENDY: I want to play games.
GARY: I want to go on the rides.
ROB: I'm starving, I need something to eat.
 (All three start talking at the same time)( REPEATING several times)
ROB: I'm hungry! I want to eat.
GARY: We can eat anytime, let's go on the rides!
WENDY: Let's try the games.
ROB: Let's eat.
GARY: Let's play games.
WENDY: (Whistles)   (All stop talking)   We're acting like children!
ROB: News Flash!  We are children.
ROB: I think we should eat first because my mother took us here.
GARY: So, my mother is picking us up! I say we go on rides.
WENDY: I think we should play games. I'm the only girl here.
ROB & GARY:  Oh brother. (Make weird faces at her)
WENDY: Oh, this is great! We're just wasting what time we have arguing.
GARY: We need to settle this maturely.  We need to compromise.
ROB: We need a plan.
GARY: Let's think for a minute. (All pause)
ROB: I think I have it.  We can't eat and then go on the rides. That wouldn't work.
WENDY: And we can't take goldfish or prizes on the rides either!!
GARY: Well then it's settled.  We'll go on the rides first.
ROB: Then we'll eat.  If I last that long.
WENDY: Finally, we'll play games.
ROB: Agreed?
GARY: Agreed.
WENDY: Agreed.
GARY: I'm glad we settled that fair and square.
WENDY: Me too.
ROB: Hey, do you think that's why they call it the FAIR?
WENDY:    IIIIIIIIIIIIII  seriously doubt it! (Swats him)
 (All walk and focus to side)
ROB:    There's the Cyclone! Let's go on that first.
GARY: I love that ride. Especially when it goes backwards.
WENDY: Once, when I was little, I didn't have anyone to go on with, so my mom went on with me. I think that was the last ride she ever went on.  She looked terrible (makes faces). Green is not her color.
GARY: That was nice of her to go on with you, though.
WENDY: (Pauses) ( Nods head) I never thought of that before.  I guess you're right.
ROB: Let's go. There's not a big line.
 (Walk over, turn backs)
 (Pause.  Turn  & walk to center.)
GARY: Hey, what time is it?
WENDY: (Looks at watch) Almost eight-fifteen.
ROB:  Man, I can't believe it. We only have forty-five minutes left.
GARY: We do, really, that's all we have?
WENDY: Why does it seem that time goes by so quickly when you're having fun?
GARY: It never goes by this fast in school!
ROB: You could say that again. Some days it seems like we're there forevvvvver. (very slowly & dragged out, animated)
GARY: Yeah, and when you're at an amusement park or on vacation, the day flies by.
ROB: It feels like we just got here.
WENDY: That's because we're having such a good time together.
ROB: I suppose.
 (Walk, look around)
GARY: We went on every ride - except...
WENDY: Except  (pause) that one. (Points) (All look)
ROB: The Anihilator. (grimaces)
 (ALL pause and watch ride) (heads move in synchrony)
WENDY: That ride looks awesome. (Excited)
GARY: Oh yeah, awesome all right. (Lifeless - like going to throw up)
ROB: That looks so cool. (Excited)
GARY: Oh, look. Darn.  It only seats two.  You two go and I'll going to try to win a basketball.
ROB: What, are you afraid?  (Motions with hands up to mouth)
GARY: No.  No, only two (puts up two fingers) can go on. I'll sacrifice and let you two go. (hands to chest)
WENDY: It's O.K. if you don't really want to go on it. There are some rides that even I  won't go on, but this isn't one of them.    Wish us luck. (Turn to  go on ride)
GARY: Goooood Luck. (Wipes his brow)  Weow! (Walks over to game. Gets money, pays,  takes a shot.  Motions with fist.)  Yeah! (Takes two more shots, misses, acts  disappointed)
 (All turn & walk toward  each other)
GARY: How was it?
WENDY: Awesome.
ROB: Oh yeah, awesome all right (Holds stomach, looks nauseous).
GARY: Was it everything you expected it to be?
ROB: Yeah.  That, and a whole lot more. (Slowly) What, no basketball? (Sarcastically)
GARY: I tried but it's so hard. These games are a rip-off. I should have saved my two dollars.
ROB: I would have been better off  if I spent the two dollars.
WENDY: Let's walk around maybe you'll feel better. (Whispers to Gary) He reminds me of how my mother looked.
   (All take a few steps, while looking around.)
GARY: What are we going to eat?
ROB: I want pizza.
GARY: I want a hot dog.
WENDY: I want chicken strips.
 (All start talking at the same time)
ROB: Pizza
WENDY: Chicken
GARY: Hot Dogs
WENDY: (Whistles)  Children!
ROB: Oh no, here we go again.
GARY:  WAIT! I think I have it this time. Everybody get what they want and meet back here in five minutes. We'll eat and then try to win some goldfish.
WENDY: Sounds like another plan.
ROB: Sounds  (pause) FAIR to me.
GARY: Where did he come from?
WENDY: Where is he goin'? (swats him) (Shaking head)
Copyright W.A. Norash, all rights reserved.
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