A Midsummer Canaanightís Dream

By Eric Stapleton


A humorous look at Joseph after he has been cast down into the well by his brothers.  He reflects on the possibility of his being arrogant and the seeming absence of Godís provision.  Joseph rejoices (prematurely) as a rope is handed down to him from above.  God has answered his prayerÖkind of.  Joseph still has more work to doÖ


Judah (voice)


Joseph: (to audience) Once upon a time there was this cool guy named Joseph.  He was so cool that his dad gave him a beautiful, one of a kind, first edition, coat of many colors.  And he was so cool that God told him that he was going to rule over his father, brothers and mothers.  Yep, mothers.  Joseph was so cool he had to have more than one.  Itís a long story, read the cliff notes.  Anyway, God talked to Joseph in a dream and told him all this.  Now, that is not the kind of information that a guy can keep to himself, so Joseph let his brothers know what God told him so they wouldnít stop being so jealous and get with the program.  You know, so they wouldnít tease him for being dad and momís favorite or put sand in his blanket or (directed upward) THROW HIM INTO A EVER-FLOODING WELL.  Címon guys let me out!  (no response)  Pleeeeze?  Look, you can keep the coat just let me out of here.  I wonít even tell dad or moms about it this time!  (no response)  A jokeís a joke guys.  Let me out.  (still, no response)  Ok, have it your way.  Ha, ha.  Laugh it up now!  You wonít be laughing when God has his way and youíre cleaning the dirt out from underneath my fingernails!  (starts to dodge back and forth as if something is being thrown down at him)  Oh, come on guys, I was only kidding.  (one hits him) Hey that one was close!  I was just kidding.  Come on, Naphtali, Iíll stop making fun of your name.  (an aside)  Even though it sounds like a girlís.  Reuben, Gad?. (no response) Are you guys still there?  Hello.  Olly olly oxen freeee!
Son of Shechemite!  They left me here.  I canít believe it!  What am I going to do now?  I could always talk to the guy who got me into this mess.  Whatís the use?  He knows Iím here.  But why has God allowed me to be here when he promised me Iíd be a ruler. God, you promised!  I donít get it.  I thought that if I had your blessing then everything would be all good.  Isnít that what it means to have your blessing? Thatís what it should mean anyway.  How can I be ruler over my brothers from INSIDE OF AN EVER-FLOODING WELL? Iím supposed to be over them, arenít I?  At least, I thought thatís what the dreams meant.  Maybe they didnít mean that at all.  Maybe the dreams were just about wheat and astronomy.  Of course, how could I be so stupid!  Otherwise, I wouldnít be here.  How am I going to get out of here?  Iím going to die here.  Come on, God let me out.  Pleeeze?  (on his knees)  O God, please please please please get me out of here.
Voice:  O Joseph!
Joseph:  God?
Voice:  No.  Itís your brother Judah, you idiot.  Look, Iím going to hand you down a rope, you grab it, and weíll pull you up.

Joseph:  See, I was right all along.  God is in control!   The day of deliverance has arrived.  Joseph you da man! (starts to dance) You go boy, itís your birthday--

Voice:  You keep on dancing!  Theyíre going to love that down in Egypt.  (laughs)

Joseph:  Egypt?


© Eric Stapleton, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: eric_the_nomad@netzero.net