Mr. Sherlock Holmes’ reason to believe

By Michelle Pitman


Holmes uses a globe of the earth to explain why the Bible is to be believed.


John 20:19-31 “Doubting Thomas” and 1 Peter 1:3-9 “A living hope”


Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes is supremely confident in his genius.  He is dapper, methodical, sometimes pompous.
Watson - Watson is more affable but still very upper class English in his demeanour and attitudes.


[Scene: The library in the home of Sherlock Holmes.  Watson has been reading a Bible.  Holmes is reading a newspaper]

WATSON: Egad! Holmes.  Have you read this book?

SHERLOCK: [Looks over the top of newspaper] What is it, Watson?

WATSON: It’s called The Holy Bible.

SHERLOCK: Ah yes! Read it often!

WATSON: [Dubiously] Do you believe in any of it?

SHERLOCK:  [Carefully folds his newspaper and puts it on the coffee table] Well dear Watson; that is a question isn’t it.  Must anyone believe in anything other than what they can’t actually see, smell, touch, taste or feel?

WATSON: I don’t quite see your point, Holmes.

SHERLOCK: [Moves from lounge chair to table] Let me illustrate, Watson.  [Indicates globe on table] What do you see?

WATSON: A globe.

SHERLOCK: And what else?

WATSON: I suppose I see a globe of the earth.


WATSON: Um, er, um.  I see the continents and the islands, oceans, rivers.  Oh! And place names.  It’s er, on a stand…

SHERLOCK: [Interrupts] And why, pray tell, Watson do you necessarily think that this is a true representation of the world in which you live?

WATSON:  Because I just know it is!


WATSON: Well! I’ve read the accounts of the early explorers.  I’ve seen and heard the evidence of scientists, historians and travelers.  I’ve read about the various artifacts brought back from lands far away….

SHERLOCK: Hold it right there, Watson!  What makes you believe that what you have seen and heard about the nature of our earth, as represented by this globe, is the truth?

WATSON: Well! Um, er. I, I don’t know.  I have always accepted it because there seemed to be so many others that argued the case in the affirmative!

SHERLOCK: Indubitably Watson!  You have hit upon the very answer.  You believe that this globe is a true portrayal of our earth because many people before you have consistently substantiated the evidence.  You naturally, and correctly, determine that the very great cloud of witnesses proclaim and prove the facts as to the accuracy of this device [points to globe].  You believe because so many others have said it is so.  You believe it despite never having experienced exploration of the continents for yourself.

WATSON: [Stands up abruptly] Egad Holmes! I had absolutely no idea! [Stops and appears to be confused about something] But, tell me...  How does this answer my original question?

SHERLOCK:  And that question was whether I believe what the Holy Bible says about the Messiah?

WATSON: Well yes!  I think that was it.

SHERLOCK: Watson!  I believe it, because the evidence – as fantastical as it first appears – was, and is still being substantiated by so many witnesses.  The bible, and in particular, the Gospel is rather like this globe of the earth.  It is like a map for the evidence of faith.  We look at this globe and believe it on faith that the record of it is as true a representation of our earth as is possible based on the evidence of many witnesses.  I look at the evidence of the Gospel and believe it on faith, that the Lord Christ is truly the Saviour for all mankind for all time, because so many have declared it to be so.

WATSON: [Thinking deeply] Then why is it that some reject the evidence of the Gospel even if they see it?

SHERLOCK: Ah!  Dear Watson.  Let me remind you that there are some that also reject the evidence of this globe.  They insist that because the earth about them appears flat then it does not necessarily contend that the earth is shaped like a ball! Those that reject the Gospel are doing so because they insist that if one cannot physically see the Messiah then one cannot, therefore, believe there is evidence to prove that He is the Saviour!

WATSON: I see!  I think!

SHERLOCK: Watson!  I suggest that you re-read that book [points to the Bible in Watson’s hands] with fresh eyes.  Read it neither as a child’s fairytale nor as a fantasy adventure.  Read it as a true account of History, which resonates with wisdom and hope for the future, and I guarantee that the eyes of faith will open within you and you will have no choice but to believe it to be truth.

WATSON: [Moves off slowly and appears to begin studiously reading the Bible] I will.  Thank you.

SHERLOCK: [Settles back into his chair with his newspaper and pipe] Elementary, dear Watson.  It’s all elementary. [Holmes opens his paper and begins to read.

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