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Summary: After receiving the Gospel message given to him by his family physician and friend (Dr. Luke), the bitterly grieving widower, Theophilus, reads that sacred narrative during one more long night of searching for peace. As he reads on, Theophilus pauses often to talk to Teodora, his deceased wife. On her death bed (seen in flashback), Teodora gave her personal testimony to Theophilus, imploring him to trust in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Up until the morning he lost his wife to her fatal disease, Teodora’s faith in Jesus was unbeknown to Theophilus. On this providential night, ten months later, Theophilus is enabled, by grace, to truly hear Teodora’s witness for the Lord. He vows to her that he will learn all that he can (via Dr. Luke’s Gospel) about Jesus during what will become the most important night of his life; a night that began with his attempted suicide (prevented by Dr. Luke and the devoted house servant, Onesimus).

Reading “the living word” opens the mind and heart of Theophilus to “the way, the truth and the life.” Through the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit, he discerns that he is being asked to make a decision about Jesus’ calling upon his life (“Who do YOU say that I am?”) Morning sunlight illuminates Theophilus’ bedroom as the audience witnesses his transformation from the bitter, broken and hopeless man they met in ACT I/Scene One into a joyful new believer: trusting in Jesus’ promise of eternal life spent in that place prepared by the Lord Himself for Theophilus and his beloved Teodora in heaven; fulfilling God the Father’s good and perfect will for each one of His adopted-by-grace human sons and daughters.

Style: Dramatic.    Duration: 2 hours (?)

Actors: 15M, 14F, 1C.
MET is a work for the musical theater but, it is a hybrid form of that genre merging the one-man play with an opera. All of the Gospel events Theophilus reads about are presented to the audience operatically. Like a traditional musical, the “leading man” will sing five of the show’s twenty five songs so he should be a very strong tenor (or high-range baritone).

Thirty actor-singers will be needed to put Most Excellent Theophilus (MET) onstage; fifteen men (eight tenors and seven baritones), fourteen women (seven sopranos and seven altos) and one preadolescent boy. With the exception of the lead character, every cast member will perform multiple roles (see the below listing).
A male actor/singer capable of performing a one-man play is essential for the role of Theophilus. He will interact with just three other actors, in the opening and closing scenes only. MET is a work for the musical theater but, it is a hybrid form of that genre merging the aforementioned one-man play with an opera.

A royalty may be requested for this script. To download a sample of the script for evaluation, click on the link below. To obtain a copy of the full script, contact the author, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To hear samples of the music, visit the MET website,

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