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Summary: This Time and Age is a rock musical that takes a contemporary and ambitious look at the current state of affairs in the last days before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. The musical peers through the lens of the Judeo-Christian perspective and weaves a tale of intrigue that surrounds one mans quest for the truth as time runs out on a world in turmoil.
Style: Dramatic.    Duration:  90min?
Actors: Large cast

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Brief synopsis: In eons past, before the awakening of Man (Adam) a great rebellion took place in the heavens. It was a war so fierce that one-third of the beings from this dimensional realm were defeated and cast out losing their positions and entrance to it forever. In the prologue we are taken back to the beginning of the contention and conflict. We find ourselves in the court of Heaven at the “Trial of the Fallen” before their ultimate casting down into this space-time continuum. In this trial we learn the reason for the rebellion against God and the ultimate hatred brought upon Man by Lucifer and his followers. Lucifer declares his manifesto and judgment is soon passed. The fallen are cast from Heaven and the dimensional space it occupies, except one. Once known as the "bringer of light" he is now called Satan, the "adversary.", his angelic name and purpose removed from him forever.

From the Prologue and the Trial of the Fallen, we are transported into the present day. The world as we know it has changed. Perched on the brink of regional war in the Middle East brought on by the Witnesses of Allah's deadly conflict in Syria, Iraq and Iran. Having created a Caliphate state that has killed hundreds of thousands along with the unexplained disappearance of millions of people from the face of the earth months earlier: the arrival and disclosure of The “Creators” is just in time to save us from ourselves and change the mental paradigm of a world in turmoil. With the promise of peace the great deception has come and mankind believes the lie. (2 Thess. 2) The explanation to the unexplained disappearance of millions was simple, clear and reasonable to those who finally had clarity of their existence. Those humans had to be removed so the new age on earth could go forward without hindrance. It is in this backdrop we find ourselves in This Time and Age.

Cyrus Peters has been searching for his father since the “removal.” He never accepted the explanation given by The “Creators” and continued to search for him. One day while searching through his father's things he discovers his journal and an old small metallic book. Trina, Cyrus' sister finds an ultra thin usb drive hidden in the lining of the journal, on it a cryptic message from their father The message is simple. The ancient metallic book, with thousands of names and their genetic signatures must be returned to God.

Scriptures: Based on the prophetic, apocalyptic and eschatological (end-time) books of the Bible including Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, II Esdras (Ezra) and Enoch. "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Matthew 24:37

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