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Summary: A woman wishes her mother a Happy Mother's day. As they talk, the woman confesses her fear of being a mother to her adopted daughter. Her mother reassures the daughter that with God, she will do just fine. Keywords: Mother's Day, adoption
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 4min
Actors: 2F



Daughter: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. (Hands her a corsage box and a card) Here you go. It is not much, but I, we, wanted you to have something.
Mom: Oh it is beautiful. Thank you. (opens card and reads) “To the best mother ever.”
 That is really sweet. But you know, you are going to be a great mom too.
Daughter: I don’t know, Mom. She is not my own flesh and blood. I am going to love her and care for her, but will she really ever think of me as her Mom?
Mom: She doesn’t have to come from you to feel you’re her mother. Believe me, there were times I swore you were not mine.
Daughter: ( laughing) You mean when I “painted” the wall with your nail polish?
Mom: (laughing) I had forgotten that.
Daughter: My bottom didn’t for about a week. I think that you were a saint putting up with all that me and my sister did. All those parties we had and staying up late. I don’t think you ever got all the popcorn out of the couch.
 Mom: That is just one of the things that I did. I also made sure that you and your sister went to school, participated in sports and dance, and made the dresses for all your dances.
Daughter: I just don’t know if I am going to be able to do that. I mean, you did it with so little effort. And you worked full time too.
Mom: I didn’t take any special classes, honey. You will be able to do it. But I didn’t do it alone.
Daughter: I know, you had dad too. He helped out.
Mom: Well, he did, but that isn’t who I was talking about. God helped me more then anything else. I can tell you this now, I prayed for you and your sister every time you left the house. I didn’t stop until you were home safe. I know that it worked. I remember that night you came home and told me that you left a party early. We found out the next day that two kids had been in a bad accident. You said you would have been in the car if you had not left early. Your sister had told me similar stories as well.
Daughter: Well, I have been praying for my little girl since the agency told me about her. I want her to be safe. I’ve also been praying for the mother that gave her up for adoption. I pray that she knows that her sacrifice is giving me joy.
Mom: See, you are already acting like a mother. I know that you will raise her up in the church, too. You are a Sunday school teacher now, and you will be a model for her to follow.
Daughter: Just like you were for me. You made sure that we were here every time the doors were open. We learned that going to church was a privilege, not a duty. You also taught us that we are were special in God’s eyes.
Mom: And I know that you will do the same.
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